My personal opinion on: understanding the hippies today, TFI’s back to the beginning prophecy, recreational drugs, and the David Berg & TFI (The Family International) connection

Sometime ago a visitor to this blog explained that The Family International (TFI) had received a prophecy about going back to the beginning. I certainly found this prophecy interesting but did not fully understand what God could be saying through this message until recently. If TFI was to go back to the beginning; what would this mean? If TFI was to go back to the beginning this would mean evangelizing to the hippies and allowing them to build TFI. After all it was David Berg and the hippies who built TFI into what it is today. How could this happen and where are the hippies today?

Like everything and everyone the hippies have evolved. Today’s hippy usually attends underground dance parties and raves, and their choice of music is no longer the traditional instruments and bands; but they prefer listening to electronic dance beats and trance music. Today’s hippy’s drug of choice is usually designer drugs that come in the form of pills with various trendy stamps on them. Today there are various well known and underground dance parties occurring all over the world and this is where today’s hippy is. I used to be one of those modern day hippy ravers and I must say they were the best days of my life. Yes there were drugs involved, yes it could be dangerous, but as I look back on my life there was a lot of positive aspects to this lifestyle. It was all about: dance, music and celebrating life. If TFI did want to go back to the beginning, then they would need to begin their evangelism in the underground dance and rave scene. As a person who spent a lot of time in the rave scene, I am going to try and inform you about this environment, and how you can connect to these modern day hippies. If you read this information I promise that you will be able to connect to these people. It’s not a coincidence I was led to write on this blog, as I am one of the few people who can help you connect to this crowd. My comments will be controversial but I am just going to be honest with you.

The majority of the people in the rave scene are not drug addicts but they usually take drugs once a week or once a month, depending on how often they attend dance parties. One of the principal ways you can connect with these people is through their drug usage; by helping them use drugs safely. You are not going to make friends with these people by telling them to stop taking drugs, they will simply laugh and not listen and they will avoid you. Instead you can engage them with a different approach. You can go to these raves with a drug tester kit (these are perfectly legal) and help people test there pills. Pill tester kits can be easily purchased, and various groups do go to raves with these kits in order to prevent people from having drug overdoses. Basically you cut off a piece of someone’s pill and you put a chemical on it and if it turns black it contains MDMA (ecstasy), however if the pill turns a pink colour it contains heroin or if it turns another colour it contains animal tranquilizer. When you receive your kit it will come with instructions on what colour represents what drug. If the kit says the pill contains heroin or animal tranquilizer, you could advise the person not to take the pill for health reasons or just inform them about what’s in the pill. By conveying helpful information to this individual and not judging them, this is definitely an open door into this community and I’m sure you’d make a new friend with this approach.

As stated above the modern hippy no longer listens to the traditional bands. Woodstock events have been replaced by dance parties with DJ’s playing: mixes, records, electronic beats, trance music, techno music, house music, erotic trance, uplifting trance and so forth. The popular DJ’s todays modern hippy listens to are: Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Johan Gielen and so forth. By researching the names of those DJ’s, and exploring others who play similar music will help you understand the music likes of today’s hippy. You can also find common ground with today’s hippy through this music and by having an appreciation for this music; you will be able to connect with today’s hippy. Understanding the environment before entering it is the key to success.

The drug issue is a controversial one. If you watch Peter Jennings (from ABC news) report on ecstasy (MDMA), he basically uncovered a conspiracy by the government where they used false information to ban ecstasy (MDMA). Over the years ecstasy has been proven to cure a number of mental illnesses, and has recently been discovered to cure cancer as well. Some years ago a psychotherapist who used MDMA on a patient reported that the MDMA healed this person from cancer, and just recently scientists have discovered that MDMA does in fact cure cancer to some extent. There are very little or no side effects related to ecstasy (MDMA) and most people who have taken the drug responsibly have no long term side effects. If people want to take ecstasy safely it’s important for them to not intake a lot of water (large volumes in short periods of time), but to sip the water slowly from time to time. Also advising people to drink Gatorade or other sports drinks while their using ecstasy could be helpful advice also; as these drinks replace the electrolytes in a person’s system. If you’re going to a rave party to evangelize you could also bring some sports drinks and give them out for free, and this can be used as a catalyst to strike up a conversation with a person and share Jesus with them. By not judging a person and advising them on what drugs are safer than others, I believe this can build trust and a positive connection. In reality there is no safe drug (a girl on the news recently overdosed and died from aspirin), but it’s better to try and help than offer no advice. People in the rave scene are connected through: drugs, electronic music and dance, and it is these various elements that will allow you to connect with them.

A great way to connect with people in the rave scene is to just go to a rave and dance. Get to know people through dancing and let them know your there to help if they need anything. You could also hand someone a tract who you meet whilst dancing.

Below is a video which is from one of the most popular raves in the Netherlands (Trance Energy). The Netherlands is the rave capital of the world; however there are many raves in: Australia, the USA, and other parts of Europe. Most of the rave parties in Australia are named after the ones in the Netherlands. Check out DJ Johan Gielen playing music for thousands of modern hippies (ravers) at the Trance Energy dance party. Pay attention TFIers! These are your new converts! These people are pretty crazy can you reach them with Jesus Christ?

Below is a video which shows Peter Jennings news report on the drug ecstasy and it’s relationship to the dance rave scene. It should also be noted that ecstasy was actually legal at one stage and was legally sold in shops and bars.

Below is a video of a responsible University Professor and a journalist who are demonstrating how pill testers work. It should be noted that there are responsible groups who test pills for ravers at rave parties and this is to prevent drug overdoses. Drug pill tests are completely legal and sold at various shops around the world.

This is a controversial article and I do not condone illegal drug use and I don’t recommend people take illegal drugs. But on the other hand people are going to take drugs regardless of what others say, so I think it’s better to give people advice on how to stay safe using drugs than not engage them at all. If you want to give people advice on how to take drugs safely you can educate yourself on this by doing internet searches on ecstasy and how to take the drug safely. It’s better to say something to someone than nothing. A good resource for educating yourself on drugs and drug use is Erowid. Erowid is a non-profit educational & harm-reduction resource with 60 thousand pages of online information about psychoactive drugs, plants, chemicals and so forth. If you want to engage the modern hippy on their turf you will need to be informed on drugs, and be able to converse with them on this subject in an informed non-judgemental manner.

In conclusion it’s clear the hippy has evolved into the modern day dance party raver. These raves are occurring all over the world and it’s only a matter of: searching for them on the internet, buying tickets to attend the raves and bringing a pile of tracts and other resources to evangelize to this community. If you want to follow the back to the beginning TFI prophecy, that is how you will go back to the beginning. The modern hippies are the beginning of TFI and you can find them if you’re willing to seek them out.

Below is a very short 10 minute documentary on the dance party rave scene and it is very accurate. If you actually want to be a part of the TFI back to the beginning prophecy, then I highly recommend you watch the below video, because that is where the above prophecy is pointing.


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