Is a revival coming for the Family International (TFI)?

I have titled this possible prophetic word as a question because I do not claim to be a prophet or mouthpiece for God. I am really just a person who has made a lot of mistakes and am just thankful for my personal salvation. In the last 12 months or so I have become friends with TFI members and was invited to write on a blog founded by current TFI members. I have really been impressed with the anointing upon the life of TFI member Michael Basham and other TFI members, and I do believe God has great plans for TFI.

In the past months and weeks I have had what could be visions and a burden about the future of The Family International (TFI)/Children of God (COG). I feel TFI has gone through much persecution and the leadership of TFI has gone through some major personal attacks in the last few years. I believe many people in leadership positions in TFI have been going through personal hardships, and since the reboot both TFI members and TFI leadership have been trying to find themselves in this re-invented structure. People are seeking God and asking Him what He wants them to do and what their role is as TFI takes on a more loose structure after the reboot. I believe God has a plan for TFI and that things are beginning to take a turn for the best.

I personally believe from what I have felt in the spirit that TFI is going to come into a new revival. I believe former persecutors of TFI (such as Bob who I interviewed) are going to have a change of heart as they realize TFI is an organization called by God. This is already happening. I have conversed with some of the fiercest haters of TFI and these people are genuinely sorry for persecuting TFI. One former hater of TFI I spoke with is convinced TFI is a principal part of the end time church of Jesus Christ. I think the change of heart from former haters of TFI is a sign that revival and positive change is on the horizon. These former haters are possessed by demons and it’s clear the Holy Spirit is driving these demons out of these haters, so it’s clear the Lord is confirming this word with signs and wonders. “And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” (Mark 16:20) I also believe many of these former haters are going to become the greatest advocates and supporters of TFI. God is able to turn things around for the best. We also see this with the Apostle Paul who was the greatest persecutor of Jesus disciples; however God turned his life around and made him a leader of the church. Paul who was the greatest hater and persecutor of the Christian church, became an Apostle of Jesus Christ and he wrote much of the New Testament. I really see God turning much of the hate toward TFI into love as God’s word says, “He will give us beauty for ashes.”

There are also a lot of TFI members and TFI supporters (such as myself) who are emerging online and celebrating much of the work TFI has done in the present and in the past. I think this online emergence of TFI is going to be a catalyst for something that the Lord wants to do. Social media and online platforms are going to be the beginning of this TFI revival.

Last night I was in my bed asleep and I woke up possessed by a Spirit and this Spirit prayed these words through me, “Lord I pray for a revival for The Family International and for Karen Zerby.” This was not me praying but an actual Spirit praying through me and I do not believe this was a demon, I believe this was the Holy Spirit and I believe this was the Holy Spirit praying through me. I believe there is a revival coming to TFI and I believe as people express their passion for Jesus and for TFI’s messages through social media, I believe this is going to be the beginning of the coming outpouring. I believe as people continue sharing their passion for Jesus and TFI online, that this is going to lead to: meetups, parties, concerts, raves and other celebrations in Jesus name. I believe these celebrations are going to be a time to worship and dance for Jesus, and also a time for people to share TFI’s end time literature and positive evangelical literature. As these events and exchange of literature begin, I believe this is going to lead to an increase in TFI membership and a revival in the organization.

These are just some of my personal thoughts and visions I have received. I do not claim to be a prophet or anything like that. I actually had these visions and burdens a while back and was unsure whether to write this article, however last night the Holy Spirit prayed through me that Karen Zerby and TFI would have a revival. So I believe the Lord has been speaking to me about this and has inspired me to write this article. If you would like to pray for a revival in the lives of: Karen Zerby. Steven Kelly and The Family International (TFI), I encourage you to pray the below prayer.

Dear Lord,

I would like to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and a revival to occur within the Christian group, The Family International. Please touch the lives of those involved with this group and inspire a revival to occur within them. Please pour out your Holy Spirit upon them so they can be better witnesses for you and please confirm the word they preach with signs and wonders. In Jesus name I pray. Amen


7 thoughts on “Is a revival coming for the Family International (TFI)?

  1. Although many people feel burnt out from working in such close proximity with other fellow sinners, I have to say that never before have so few gotten so much done. Of course there were things that were less than perfect, but the Devil uses those instances to make people give up. Now we need those people with that training to look to the Lord and remember everything they were taught. It’s going to be a mighty big storm and anyone who was raised to be a leader and to tune in to the Lord is going to be in high demand! Sometimes I talk to people who are in the know about what’s going on and I realize that even they are severely lacking in the sense of the points of the Endtime or sometimes even just basic Bible Prophecy!

    Thanks brother so much for seeing the big picture and praying for TFI. I am sharing this article wherever I can, and it’s an encouragement to many – a lot of the Old Guard is a bit quiet, but believe me they listen and you bring them courage.

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    • Thankyou Michael. As you can see I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my articles about TFI. Victoria just left a really positive comment about this article and people such as yourself Michael are getting the accurate TFI Bible prophecy interpretations out there. Thanks for sharing this article and all the best with your evangelical work on the radio and online.

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      • Well dear sir, it looks like the Lord is still interested in His own investment, as a lot of TFI people are still interested in their original destiny. I look at you as an example of what many people will be as the world gets more weird. No one cares if you’re odd or strange anymore. They just want peace, Jesus, security, faith, and all the rest of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. There is an old prophecy buried in the MO Letters somewhere about how even the New Weapons will be easily accepted during the endtime because there will be such a flood of sin and deception everywhere. I believe we’re entering into that period now, and your articles are absolutely crucial for getting people updated from a ground-zero introduction, nothing held back, everything exposed point of view. I am happy you’re getting positive feedback! Even if some people fight you in the future, don’t think of it strange, as the Enemy absolutely hates what was accomplished by this wild band for the past 5 decades. Oh and by the way, on the radio Matthew even mentioned the Family as “The Children” which I thought was interesting. He and many others like him might be the sort who would be open to the unorthodox idea that God could even use someone like David Berg to start an elite band of Christians to prepare a generation for the End of the World as we know it. Thanks again and hope to get you on skype one of these days!


  2. I agree with you. I think there will be a revival of the group — the institution — but I do also believe that there is a “spirit of David” that has never left any of us. There may be some that are being made white, some that have fallen, some that are doing great exploits, but all have that “out of the box” spirit that the Lord inspired David Berg with. The Reboot has just allowed a “broadening of the borders” where that Wild Wind spirit can touch many that might not have been touched in the past. The Lord has given me bonds of friendship with Muslims and Buddhists that have received my spirit, though they might not have received the Lord as of yet. I believe He is all-inclusive, and though He does have “a door” to enter, I have a God that desires as many as possible to be saved and brought into His Kingdom.


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