Why I choose to remain supportive of Karen Zerby and her positive history of preaching Jesus Christ

I have been really impressed with the history of Karen Zerby and her ministry of preaching Jesus Christ as Saviour in a variety of unorthodox ways. I really credit Karen Zerby and David Berg for reaching the drug induced hippy generation with the message of Jesus Christ in the 1960’s. This would have been a difficult ministry however they really pulled it off and made a major impact on the world. The Children of God (COG) really instigated a youth Jesus revival, and as they evolved into The Family International (TFI) they have led millions to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

I have researched a variety of cults in my years and have even been attacked by cult members in the past, and I can tell you that The Family International (TFI) are not an evil cult nor do their doctrines promote murdering or seriously injuring innocent people. An evil cult is a group whose doctrines include murdering and seriously injuring innocent people, and TFI and Karen Zerby do not promote any of these malevolent doctrines in their organization. The only thing Karen Zerby has promoted throughout her life is the salvation message of Jesus Christ and helping others. If you make a genuine attempt to pray to God about the character of Karen Zerby, I am sure the Holy Spirit would validate this woman and her ministry to you. I can sincerely say that I have prayed about Karen Zerby, David Berg and TFI, and God has shown me that this group is in fact a principal aspect of God’s end time church. Who am I to judge God’s end time church? Who is anyone else to judge God’s end time church? Leave the judging to God and choose to focus on the positive things God’s people are doing. Karen Zerby and TFI are serving God and have been leading millions to Jesus Christ, they have also been helping homeless people, and one of those homeless people may have been Jesus Christ Himself. They do not kill or seriously injure innocent people (like the Jesuit Order and a variety of other malevolent cults out there), but they seek to share the Biblical message of salvation through faith in Jesus, and they seek to help and love people in the community. I cannot judge a Christian group who has most likely been serving food to Jesus when he walked the streets as a homeless person.

I have had a lot of positive feedback about Karen Zerby, and a lot of positive feedback about my articles which are supportive of Karen Zerby. I think when you’re reflecting on a genuine follower of Jesus Christ, it’s far more productive to focus on the positive than put others down. I have genuinely conversed with a person who was a member of TFI and attacked the group after leaving; however this person was genuinely sorry for their actions after realizing TFI had helped him a lot. This ex-member realized that TFI were the only people who actually cared about him when he had no family. He admitted that he was basically brainwashed to hate TFI after leaving the group. He also admitted that most of the criticism directed toward TFI was blown way out of proportion, and that haters of TFI were getting caught up in: negativity, hate and demonic influences. This ex-member and hater of TFI even admitted that he became demon possessed to attack TFI, so it’s clear there’s a spiritual element to the persecution TFI is receiving. This ex-member also stated that if it wasn’t for the love and acceptance TFI showed him, that he probably would have never made a decision for Jesus Christ.

The supportive and positive messages about Karen Zerby and TFI far outweigh any negative comments, so it’s clear that Karen Zerby has made a positive impact on society and has been genuinely serving Jesus Christ over the years.

In conclusion I will say that God has spoken to me about TFI and Karen Zerby supernaturally, and showed me that these people are doing God’s work in these last days. There has also been very few Christian organizations that have led millions of people to Jesus Christ as TFI have. TFI has been led by Karen Zerby since the death of David Berg, so this woman should get some credit for so many people being led into the Kingdom of God.




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