The Chronicle Project – Incredible Hebrew Translation of Scripture!

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Recently I had a chance to crack open the first page of the Bible and check out some of the exciting work that the brethren over at The Chronicle Project are doing.

These guys take a very interesting view of scriptures and extrapolating new truths most people have never considered –right out of the text directly!

Here’s their latest work:

Exodus 35:2-3  Is it wrong to turn a light on during Sabbath?  We answer that question with the SDH restoration.  And… we crack the Seal of Daniel 9 to fulfil the prophecy that it would be opened in our time.  The result?  Proof that the Book of Daniel is real!

Unlike most Churchy translators that disguise the direct meaning of the Scriptures to suit their own worldy ways, I find these guys reach into the deep scripture to tap into the Heart of it All – The…

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