The Spirit and the Bride say Come!

There are many people here today that are both born into this physical plane of mere humdrum existence as well as being born into a more spiritual plane of existence. A lot of these people have found such an experience as crossing over from a mere physical plane of existence and into a more spiritual plane of existence as not being altogether easy. It is because the world and the people in it do not allow for such things to happen. To the world such experiences are in the classifications of madness and so such people are generally classified as being mad if they have had such experiences. Nevertheless, to this day, there are people on this earth who are finding themselves embracing this so called madness, as to them it is not madness but rather it is reality.
If madness be gladness tis wisdom in disguise – If sanity be sadness tis folly to be wise. (Don Quixote)


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