Was The Family International’s (TFI) (Formerly known as Children of God) Flirty Fishing (FFing) practice a fair and reasonable doctrine? Theories as to why God may have inspired David Berg to promote this practice

I am writing this article from a purely objective perspective as I am not a member of TFI but I do have good friends who are members of this group. TFI is a Christian missionary group which started in the 1960’s, after preacher and missionary David Brandt Berg converted a number of hippies to the teachings of Jesus Christ. These hippies began a worldwide youth for Jesus movement, which led millions to salvation and inspired a generation to become disciples of Jesus. David Brandt Berg was one of the first successful preachers to actually reach the drug induced hippy movement with the message of Jesus Christ. It was Berg’s: unorthodox methods, intriguing character, deep spirituality and passion that made his outreach such a success. Today The Family International (TFI) consist of thousands of members who are spread out all over the world. My friend Michael Basham is a missionary in Taiwan, well known TFI member, James Arendt, is a missionary in Japan, and other TFI members volunteer in various parts of the world. TFI members generally fellowship at homes and are instructed and shepherded through Mo letters (David Berg’s letters) and letters from Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly (Current TFI leaders) TFI preaches a Biblical salvation through faith in Jesus doctrine, and whether you love them or hate them, if you follow the Bible, you would agree that their salvation doctrines would have saved many souls.


A TFI/COG picture related to flirty fishing

As David Berg continued his spiritual journey as leader of TFI in the 1960’s and 70’s, his doctrines regarding sex became progressive and alternative in comparison to the mainstream church denominations. From a personal perspective I do not necessarily believe the mainstream church denominations preach a Biblical doctrine regarding sex, as the Bible clearly teaches in the Old Testament that a man can be involved with more than one woman. Berg preached a more free sex doctrine and also promoted a doctrine known as ‘flirty fishing’ during the 1970’s. Flirty fishing involved beautiful female members from TFI using their sexual appeal to attract men into making a decision for Jesus Christ. This flirty fishing would also involve having actual sex with people in order to persuade them to make a decision for Jesus Christ. Whether you agree with this doctrine or not, you have to admit these women did go the extra mile to reach people with the message of Jesus.

It was clear that David Brandt Berg did have some kind of prophetic seer gift from the Holy Spirit. The man was a gifted evangelist who sowed on barren soil where no other man had sown before (the hippies), and many of his prophetic visions did come to pass (the implantable microchip mark of the beast vision). So I really wanted to understand what led the Holy Spirit to inspire Berg to promote such a controversial doctrine known as Flirty Fishing (FFing). In recent times I believe I have discovered the answer to this question. I believe Berg’s doctrine of flirty fishing was a response to the Flirty Fishing occurring in the Church of Satan.

In the Church of Satan, young girls who worship Satan are sent out into the community to meet lonely men. They then invite these men back to a house and get them to lay on a bed, however instead of getting affection, these men get stabbed to death and their dead bodies are used in Satanic ceremonies. The men also have their blood drained and the young Satanic girls drink their blood to receive power from the devil. This is not a rare occurrence, but is something that happens on a regular basis. According to former FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, 50,000 people a year are sacrificed to Satan.

In the video below it shows a FBI raid on a house which interrupts a Satanic ritual church service. During the Satanic church service, a man has his head cut off and the young girls drink his blood from a cup. Satanic symbols and devil worship items litter the house. The below video is absolutely real and it shows you the exact horrors of what occurs in the Satanic church. The video was taken by the FBI in the United States. This is a shocking video but should be watched to understand the spiritual war facing society and youth today.

As you can see in the above video, this particular Satanic church is using flirty fishing techniques, in order to lure unsuspecting men to violent deaths in the name of Satan. The above video illustrates the activities of a malevolent cult whose doctrines consist of murdering innocent people. The Family International (TFI) has been accused of being a malevolent cult in the past, but TFI does not practice any malevolent activities and certainly does not kill or harm innocent people. TFI is an alternative Christian movement with some progressive doctrines and ideas. Accusing TFI of being a malevolent cult is baseless slander. It may very well be that God inspired David Berg to implement the flirty fishing practices as a response to the violent flirty fishing practiced by the church of Satan. Evaluating the above video demonstrates the dangerous cults which exist in society today.



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