Heavenly Superpowers!

Michael Basham's Mother Ship


Come with me for a second, and let’s travel together.  I’ve been slipping in and out of several realities and I’m still a bit dizzy, but I’ll do my best to talk as clearly as possible.  Last night was intense.  I had a vivid dream of a girl who was sent from Heaven directly, who had the ability to walk through walls.  I saw some government agents who were trying to mimic her power and utilize it for military purposes, but she wasn’t allowing them to take her and study her.  She had some sort of mission, that’s all I remember.  Also I got the impression that the earthly military had managed to copy it to some extent but that their power was cheap imitation compared to the true Heavenly power of teleportation/ walking through objects.

Then the alarm rudely jolted me back into this reality, where I raced around…

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