Video game addicts, the dangers of swatting and Michael Basham’s outreach to gamers

Millions of youth around the world are now addicted to video games. You used to have to go to a video game venue where there was a network setup to play a game with others, but you can now play video games with gamers from the comfort of your own home. Competition between gamers is so intense that when someone loses they lash out in ways which are extremely dangerous. There is a new trend among gamers called ‘swatting.’ Swatting occurs when a disgruntled gamer loses a game to another gamer, and he decides to get revenge by making a false police report that initiates a police swat team invasion of the opposing gamers house (hence the term ‘swatting’). These sorts of incidents result in serious psychological scars, violence, property damage and false arrests. There are literally scores of swatting incidents recorded on youtube, where swat teams burst into kids bedrooms and violently arrest them in full view of the webcam; these arrests occur when false reports are given to the police by disgruntled and lying gamers. If a kid loses a game of counter-strike to another kid, to get revenge he calls the police and says that the other gamer has a gun and has shot his entire family. These false reports result in immediate probable cause for the police to initiate an invasion of the property, and the losing gamer can then watch his opponent on webcam get arrested by the police after they break down his door. These swatting incidents give the losing gamers instant gratification after getting payback on their competitors, and it also displays the psychological problems long term gaming is producing in today’s youth. Swatting is a serious problem in the gaming community today.

Below are some videos which document the current trend of swatting in the gaming community.

In the below video, Michael Basham addresses the gaming community and his Christian faith.


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