Swatting culture in online gaming is out of control. Michael Basham’s second message for basement online gamers

In a previous article I addressed the present online gaming trend of swatting. Swatting is an extremely dangerous act which involves sending police swat teams to your gaming opponent’s house in real life. This is achieved by making prank phone calls to the police station and reporting your gaming opponent as being a terrorist or serial killer. Gamers do this in order to get vengeance against gamers they lose to. Swatting is a major trend permeating through the online gaming community and seems to be only getting worse.

Recently in the US a young gamer had: an entire police department, the SWAT team and a secretive military group sent to his house; after a rival gamer falsely reported him to the police as being a serial killer with bad intentions. This has to be one of the worst incidents of swatting ever seen. The young gamer had his entire neighbourhood shutdown by the police, residents were literally under martial law and unable to leave their homes. It seems online gaming is separating people from reality as these gamers have no problem taking control of entire police departments through their technical skills. Swatters are rarely caught as most of them are tech experts due to their computer experience, and they probably use hacker programs to contact the police anonymously.

Below is a gamer giving a shocking testimony of his swatting experience, which involved his entire neighbourhood being shut down, and a military operation being initiated against him by an entire police department.


Below is a second video produced by Michael Basham where he addresses online gamers and the issues facing their lives.



3 thoughts on “Swatting culture in online gaming is out of control. Michael Basham’s second message for basement online gamers

  1. Thanks for this. Swatting is foul and I find it depressing that there people in the world who’re so low they feel this is an acceptable action. I posted about it myself, having actually just discovered this last night. I hope we can get the word out there for people’s own safety and the safety of their families!


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