Coming in Fast! The Last Week (seven years) of Daniel Chapter 9

Our dear brother Terry Lane once again pours out his soul on Youtube this time on the Last Week.   Hear him out!  I am so excited to see how more and more brothers and sisters are coming out of the woodwork and sharing their faith on the internets.   Get comfortable, find your Bible and prepare to become educated!  There has never been a more crucial time to understand the Book of Daniel.  Terry and his family are some of the dearest missionaries I have ever met, and I look forward to seeing how the Lord will continue to lead and use them.   Praise the Lord for our amazing Family!

Here’s the info Terry provided on the video:

In 453BC a prophecy given to Daniel the prophet kicked off with an announcement and a command given to Nehemiah to go forth and rebuild Jerusalem, temple and all. In fulfilment of the prophecy, this took seven lots of seven years, as spoken by the angel who gave the prophecy to Daniel. Sixty-two lots of seven years later, the second part of the prophecy was fulfilled when Jesus was crucified. The third part of the prophecy would be fulfilled at the very end of the last days, thus, we have the last week or the last seven years of the prophecy yet to come. This last week of Daniel will come into play when the Jews rebuild their temple and institute animal sacrifice. This will indicate to us all that we are indeed in the last seven years of world history. The good news is that Jesus is coming soon, so the sooner these prophecies are fulfilled, the sooner Jesus will return. Jesus said that the scriptures have to be fulfilled and so they will be, just as the angel said and just as Jesus said. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!


8 thoughts on “Coming in Fast! The Last Week (seven years) of Daniel Chapter 9

  1. Thanks for this Michael, I am truly thrilled when people take me serious. Being taken seriously is a rare treat these days and the real facts are that people like me have a hard time being taken seriously. It is a drag for me sometimes to have come from an extremely uneducated background and as from a lower end of society background. People generally pick up on the fact being that I am from the lower-class end of society and you’ll be surprised just where I am coming from and when I say lower-class I mean lower lower-class. So thanks for this Michael, it is a rare gift and better than a Christmas day gift to both myself and my family. Karen has helped me write this and Karen has also set up a blog. I trust that God will continue to use you, both as a blessing and an incouragement to others. No man is an island, we all have influence wether we like it or not. In all honesty, I would have to humbly say that you yourself, Michael Basham by name and others have influenced and driven forward my latest stance and adventure into the making of YouTube’s so God Bless all and every life that has spoken to my life. So there you are and here I am and here we all are and God willing it so, we all row together. Praise Jesus!

    Stay strong!!!

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    • Dear Terry, I’m sorry for missing this comment, actually I did read it when you sent it but as usual was swamped with the latest thing, business upon business heaped on top, meals while walking from one thing to the next, and missed your message… (and this is becoming a run-on sentence)

      In any case, I think as mirthful as our fellowship often is, it is important to have respect and love for each other. I have utmost respect for you and Karen. Is Karen’s blog open yet? I haven’t seen it yet! I’d love to hear more of your testimony, sir! I’m looking forward to more of your youtubes and sharing them here as well as elsewhere.


      • Thanks Michael for your continued support and encouragement. It is always fascinating to cross paths with different people in your life and always a surprise to find yourself rubbing shoulders, so to speak, with these different people. It all adds up to doing youtube’s of late. So credit to all of the influences, including yourself.
        I always like to be honest and do my best to tell it like it is. In all honesty you are a good influence and have played a part in me making youtube’s. It is the truth and Jesus dwells in the truth.
        God bless you and keep you.
        Will share my testimony one day.( In short I was kind of raised in hell), but it is a long story, thanks for your interest in ourselves for now.
        Praise Jesus.
        Thanks also for putting my latest youtube on here too – It is a real thrill to be taken seriously.
        Stay strong in Jesus.

        Thanks for your other comments too, I am not always familiar with the workings of computers, but will do my best, God willing, to respond proportionately. I understand that you get busy and life has all kinds of dramas and pressures too.

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  2. Thanks for the feedback The Individual (a.k.a: Reptilian Dimension). Jesus said ‘Lovest thou me feed my sheep. We all need feedback, Jesus needs feedback. Feedback is a kind of feeding each other and every other. Jesus fed the five thousand and gathered up twelve baskets full more – and so fed every other.

    Praise Jesus.
    Stays strong in Jesus.

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    • Gosh imagine having the ability to ‘feedback ‘ so many thousands personally like Jesus did! Very interesting… Terry you’re doing a tremendous job and I hope and pray more will follow your example.


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