The Family International (TFI) 12 foundation stones course

Readers are now coming to this website based on search terms where they are seeking out The Family International (TFI) Bible study courses. People seem to be seeking out the TFI 12 foundation stones course in particular. From observing Michael Basham’s youtube channel where he does address the 12 foundation stones course, this is one of the first courses a person participates in after joining TFI or prior to joining TFI. This course was produced by the Activated ministries arm of TFI and I have personally evaluated many aspects of this course recently. I do agree with the salvation doctrines in the course as I believe TFI’s salvation doctrines are correct. The doctrine of eternal salvation through faith in Jesus Christ is a key doctrine to look for; when seeking out a Bible study course for personal spiritual enrichment. The 12 foundation stones course is perfect for anyone who has recently made a decision for Jesus Christ, or anyone who wants an understanding regarding the fundamental principles of the Christian faith.

Much of TFI’s Bible studies are based on the writings of David Brandt Berg. Berg is an accomplished Christian minister and televangelist who: worked with Fred Jordan on TV (known as America’s first televangelist), preached as an ordained Minister in an established church denomination, and in his later years he led the Children of God/The Family International missionary movement. Berg’s mother was also a well-known healing evangelist.

Michael Basham has made two videos on the 12 foundation stones course which can be viewed below. I have also provided a link to the 12 foundation stones course below.

Those wishing to do the 12 foundation stones Bible course can click the link below. It should also be noted that this course is free and you won’t be charged anything should you choose to do it.


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