CERN, Stargates & The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (R$E)

The subliminal flash so fast these random images MK Ultra style…  it would be funny if there was an edited version with cute pink bunny rabbits thrown in there.


4 thoughts on “CERN, Stargates & The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (R$E)

  1. A lot of witchcraft boils down to interaction and touching the unclean thing. It is extremely important to be more diligent than ever. Looking diligently lest any root of bitterness (or spiritual touchings) springing up within you and thereby many be defiled. –
    Don’t look into the eyes of madam medusa (the whore of babylon) for even one split second, or you will surely turn to stone (spiritual death)

    Touch not the unclean thing.

    Look at Jesus, look to Jesus and live.


    • Amen, and I would also point out that it is different than the self righteous priggish churchy people who often say “don’t talk or touch me, I’m holier than thou.”

      I think the unclean thing your’e talking about mostly has to do with the leaven of the pharisees, i.e. religious pride, then materialism and worldiness, like buying in to atheism and pro-abortionism. At least that’s how I see it! The world is getting flooded with demons and it’s going to be a battle. Last night I had a dream where I was praising the Lord and next to me was an individual who hated it, who I know has not surrendered his life to the Lord and in fact often acts like he hates God, but then I felt the victory of the power of praise seriously wounding the Enemy that was controlling him.


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