Why I support The Family International (TFI), its founder and current leadership

In the last six months I have met members of TFI online and I really enjoyed their online fellowship, and I also enjoyed observing the work they have been doing for the Lord. After the ministries of two TFI members (Michael Basham and James Arendt) impacted my life, I felt compelled to find out more about TFI and its founder, David Brandt Berg.

I have looked at every aspect of TFI including the opinions of their critics and outspoken former members. The main reason I support TFI is because I am genuinely connected to the Holy Spirit and God himself has vindicated this organization for me. From a worldly perspective there is much hate and criticism towards TFI. The persecution and hate toward TFI has been intense and if you research the internet, there’s no shortage of TFI haters and disgruntled former members. But if you look at what TFI has been doing for God over the last few decades, its clear God is working through this organization.

The founder of TFI, David Brandt Berg is an intriguing and interesting character and I have written many articles about him. TFI’s current leaders, Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly are also curious characters with a colorful history. Karen Zerby in particular is a curious and peculiar character who has certainly lived an adventurous and eventful life. Zerby’s passion for reaching the lost for Jesus Christ has even led her to offering men sex in order to persuade them to receive Jesus Christ as Saviour. Whether you agree with Zerby’s methods or not, few missionaries and evangelists can claim such passion for Jesus Christ. Even Zerby’s critics would admit she went the extra mile for Jesus Christ.

TFI’s founder, David Brandt Berg spawned one of the greatest youth movements for Jesus Christ in the last century when he founded the Children of God, and he also personally wrote over 4000 articles on Christian spirituality that have circled the globe for decades. Berg’s Children of God movement definitely played a principal role in producing a revival in the 1970’s. Berg’s Children of God movement produced other counter culture groups such as: the Jesus people and Christian pop music. Many would agree that Berg’s COG movement was the catalyst for the 1970’s youth Jesus movement. Berg did a lot of things outside of the church building that traditional church people did not think was possible; and this included reaching the drug induced hippy generation.

TFI’s doctrines regarding sex and allegations of abuse by former members are the main reasons people reject TFI. However we should really leave the judging to God. Most people who know me and have read my articles know that I am a more than capable investigator and journalist, and I have found no evidence to support that TFI has engaged in evil abuse or could be an evil organization. I have found no evidence that suggests TFI has ever intentionally sought to bring harm on children. I think people really need to put the alleged evil abuse and alleged intention to harm allegations into perspective. TFI does not fall into the category of an evil cult such as: the Jesuit Order or a Satanic cult. Evidence and testimony has shown that the Jesuit Order and Satanic cults do intentionally seek to harm people, however there is absolutely no evidence that TFI has ever sought to intentionally harm a child or adult. I have yet to discover a so-called cult expert who has proven TFI to be a harmful organization.

TFI does a heck of a lot of good work. They help the: poor, needy and disadvantaged all over the world, and they actually go out into the community and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. TFI has literally reached millions with the saving message of Jesus Christ, and I have read countless amazing testimonies of people whose lives were touched by TFI members. People looking to make a decision on TFI should really look at the positive aspects of TFI and not just look at the negative. TFI has done a lot of amazing things for Jesus Christ in the last four decades.

Like I said, everything the world tells me is that TFI is some evil group who should be fled from. But I did pray about TFI and God actually spoke to me about them and God really showed me that this group is of Him. God showed me through visions and through the Holy Spirit that He has a great plan for TFI and that he has been using them to reach the lost throughout history. God himself vindicated this organization for me; so I do believe they are genuine representatives of Jesus Christ. I do believe there are genuine gifts of the spirit operating through people such as Karen Zerby and I also believe TFI’s founder, David Brand Berg had a prophetic gift and many of his writings have a prophetic edge to them.

At the end of the day, I cannot convince you to support TFI and I cannot convince you to join TFI. What I can tell you is that you should pray about it. If you hate TFI or don’t think they are a worthwhile organization, then why don’t you pray about it? Do you think it’s wise to judge an organization or group of people before asking God about them? The Bible does implore us to acknowledge God in all our ways and not make rash decisions on our own. Before you make a decision on TFI I encourage you to pray about them and ask God to speak to you about TFI. I am sure God will respond to you in dreams and visions and talk to you about TFI in your dreams. Most of the confirmations about TFI being a Godly organization have come to me in dreams; the Holy Spirit has literally spoken to me in my dreams about TFI and encouraged me to support the group in whatever way I can.

“In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction, That he may withdraw man from his purpose, and hide pride from man.” (Job 33:15-17)

As a human being you cannot judge properly and only God can judge. Any confidence you have in your ability to judge is pride and you can only be instructed by God in your sleep. I encourage you to seek the Lord and get on your knees and pray to God about TFI before making a decision on them. I would recommend praying the below prayer.

Dear Lord,

I am not sure if this TFI group is of God. The media and others claim this group is evil but I don’t know if they are. Please speak to me in dreams and visions because I can only make a right decision based on what you show me Lord. Please give me dreams that confirm TFI is serving Jesus Christ, and if this group is of you Lord please advise me if you want me to join this group and support them. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

If you have prayed the above prayer I sincerely pray that God will show you the truth. If you genuinely have a relationship with Jesus Christ and hear from the Holy Spirit, then I am confident God will vindicate this group for you and may even instruct you to join TFI.

If you feel God is leading you to join TFI I would encourage you to click the below links.

To read about TFI’s foundational doctrines which are pre-requisite reading upon joining TFI, I would encourage you to click the below link.


If you would like to apply for a TFI membership online, you can also click the below sign up link. At the below link, you can give TFI your email address and this will start the membership application process. If you feel led to tithe money to TFI, you can also do this as well and help the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


God bless you for reading this article and I would encourage you to be led by the below Bible scripture.

“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

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