How does a person join The Family International (TFI) formerly known as The Children of God (COG)?

The Family International (TFI) has a very rich and fruitful presence online at the moment. Those interested in joining TFI can become Activated Magazine subscribers to get a better understanding of the groups beliefs. However if one wishes to take their relationship with TFI further you can join TFI’s online community and become an official TFI member by clicking the link below. The below link explains how you can become a TFI member. Once you’re a TFI member I assume you have access to the TFI online library which includes thousands of Mo letters (doctrinal and prophetic writings of TFI founder, David Brandt Berg). You also have access to the member’s only area of TFI where I assume you can interact with other TFI members and leaders.

You can read the membership documents and learning materials at the below link.

To begin the process of applying for a TFI membership you can click the below link.

If you click the above link it explains how you can become a member of TFI and it also gives you access to an educational course, which is to be completed prior or shortly after you become a member. The course is produced by Activated Ministries (a key TFI ministry) and as a reader and subscriber to Activated ministries; I would definitely say I agree with most of their doctrines. Activated ministries eschatology doctrines and salvation doctrines are mostly correct in my personal opinion. I have yet to discover a ministry or church whose eschatology doctrines are as accurate and Biblical as Activated ministries. Activated ministries are well known for their post-tribulation rapture articles and mark of the beast (microchip) articles.

If you have a desire to become an independent evangelist I would recommend becoming a member of TFI as their salvation doctrines are absolutely correct. If you’re a member of TFI you have access to evangelism and teaching resources, which could be used in the ministry in a live preaching and missionary environment.

I have been involved in evangelism and Christianity for a number of years, and although I’ve only been saved for around 8 or 9 years, I spent many years as a street evangelist and missionary. I also preached at an evangelical church for 1-2 years. I can honestly say based on my previous experience that TFI is an evangelism focused movement, and those seeking to evangelize and do something for God’s Kingdom as opposed to just warming a pew could benefit from joining TFI. TFI can provide you with evangelism tools which can help you to be an effective disciple of Jesus Christ.


2 thoughts on “How does a person join The Family International (TFI) formerly known as The Children of God (COG)?

  1. Hey there disciple-winner! Thanks for putting up this positive look at how someone can join. I saw the somewhat early days of die-hard forsake all to serve God type membership, and after that seemed to fade away have lost track of the way they handle membership today. It’s good to know there is still some semblance of structure to which people can join in and be a part of something online. Maybe one day things will get hot and heavy again like before, or maybe it isn’t so necessary now today in this ultra cyberized connected world. We’ll see!


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