A Disciple Speaks Out on the Past Present and Future!

There is a strange balance between out physical world and the spiritual world. The whole point of our lives is to let go of our physical dimension and to enter into the spiritual dimension. It so happens that a person called God, called Jesus, is in this same sense the spiritual dimension. Jesus in our lives has shared with us many spiritual truths so God willing, no matter who we are, no matter where we’re coming from, we can get these truths across to other people, trusting that it is God, that it is Jesus, who is lighting the fuse here and that we be what God has made us to be and not what we have made ourselves to be. It’s all God or it’s nothing!

5 thoughts on “A Disciple Speaks Out on the Past Present and Future!

    • Yes, you are right about the iron, the iron symbolises dictatorships. When the antichrist rises to power in the toes, he too will be a dictator, so in the same sense that there was a dictatorial government in the Roman Empire, the final empire of man’s reign under the antichrist will be another dictatorship. The main emphasis here has to be on the dictatorial side of things and the sad fact that people’s choices will be taken away from them.
      You may be interested to read David Berg’s views on this matter if you haven’t already. There is a letter that he wrote called “Satan King of Empires” which can be found on James’ “Deep Truths” blog.

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      • Thanks for your comments Karen. Great having you stop by here again and thanks for the reading recommendations. I am very much a prolific speed reader and am often in contact with James Arendt (author of deeptruths.com), so I have read much of the material on his website, including the Mo letter which you mentioned. But I think it could be worthwhile for me to re-read the Mo letter you mentioned. I am a definite fan of David Berg’s writings, he was a very gifted writer and thinker. James Arendt also has some excellent articles about Rome and the Anti-Christ system on his other website which can be viewed at this link: http://jamesjpn.net/the-biblical-identity-of-the-antichrist

        God bless you Karen and thanks for helping out that disciple who made the video. I’m sure a lot of people are going to be blessed and informed by viewing it.


  1. Thanks again for posting this Michael, coming across you guys has been a real blessing to us you know! Obviously this vid isn’t perfect, you can notice a few little mistakes here and there but I know without a shred of a doubt that the Lord is in it. Just wait until you see the next one, probably post it later today. I was sat in the room when he did it and it was incredible to watch and experience, the anointing was that strong. He got this next one spot on, he was totally 100% yielded to Jesus and the Spirit really came through, it’s an amazing and really relevant message and I believe that it’s really going to speak to someone. Praise Jesus it’s all Jesus! We cut the last bit of the vid of me jumping up and down and praising the Lord haha!

    Please pray that these vids get out there though and get seen by people, particularly this next one. Let’s all enter into the realm of the miraculous! When we are weak, then we are strong for His strength is made perfect in weakness – you’ll get the point when you watch the vid. GBY! WLY!


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