What’s Next for the End Time? Where are the Vanguard of Today?

I’ve always wanted to be a part of whatever God is doing on the front lines today.  Ever since I played Metal Gear Solid as a sheltered teenager back in Naples, Florida I felt this dream arise within me.  There are armies with ranks and titles and different squadrons and factions, and then there are those are secret units which you never hear about until decades later.  These are the guys that get to use the coolest weapons and do carry out the most dangerous secret missions.

I’m not talking about the ill fated Seal Team 6 or anything like that.  I’m talking about stuff that sounds like a cross between Metal Gear and Avengers.  The Super Soldier Program.  Russ Dizdar deals with a lot of these victims who have undergone bizarre Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and could confirm that there is definitely a legitimate threat of all that Hitler dreamed of coming true in this generation.

That’s the dark side, but what about God’s antithesis?   Rather, shouldn’t these guys just be the antithesis of what God is doing?  Satan can never create anything new, he can only make bad photocopies of the glorious realities Jesus is doing.

In any case, I see everything moving faster and faster towards One World Government, and when it comes it will come with a bang.  But meanwhile we still have a little bit of time to go out and try our best to train disciples.  Here’s to you, God’s Vanguard, wherever you are and whoever you are!

And here’s a bonus:  back in the 80’s, TFI or COG (one of my favorite Heavenly Contingents)  were almost a little too ready for things to start.   Who knows?  Maybe it was going to start back then but someone stopped it!

May God put you in the position where you can change history because of being the right man in the wrong place at the right time.  Keep training with the spiritual weapons, and realize we are in a war that is way off the radar of most Christians.  Join us in the futuristic out of control reality that is the Spirit War 2015!


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