A review of Michael Basham’s keyblades youtube channel

Michael Basham is an intriguing and adventurous individual. I have been following his youtube video channel and blogs for some time now. Basham has an impressive background linked to well-known preacher, Derek Prince, as his grandfather was an assistant Minister to Prince. Basham definitely comes from an impressive bloodline of Christians and he later joined the Christian missionary movement known as, The Family International (TFI), formerly known as, The Children of God (COG). Michael served as a full time missionary with a full membership status in TFI for a number of years.

At present Michael continues his Christian missionary work by preaching the gospel in various parts of Asia. He is also involved in adventurous charity and missionary work and can be seen on video, visiting various places in Taiwan and isolated parts of Nepal. These videos are definitely inspiring to watch, and it’s inspiring to follow his journey of faith on video.

Michael also engages in Bible studies on his youtube channel and addresses many issues other Christians do not address. Michael was recently addressing the mark of the beast issue on his channel, and linked it to the implantable microchip being created for humans. This microchip is currently being used in VISA pay wave cards, and will probably be transferred to the human body; which will fulfil the prophecy in Revelation 13 from the Bible which states, no man will be able to buy or sell without this mark or microchip (Rev 13:17). Michael also addresses other issues on his channel related to Bible theology and recently addressed some issues on self-righteousness. He also has other Bible studies on his channel related to the latest conspiracy news, and relates Bible prophecy and current events together in a very unique way. Michael Basham’s ministry through youtube could be compared to Ray Brubaker’s ministry. Ray Brubaker was the founder of God’s News Behind the News on radio and television. Basham does remind me of Ray Brubaker, because Brubaker dealt very much with current events and related them to Bible prophecy. Brubaker also addresses issues such as the mark of the beast and was seen on television some years ago, begging Christians not to take the mark of the beast when the Anti-Christ demanded it. I do not agree with Brubaker’s pre-trib rapture doctrine; however you cannot expect a man to have 100% correct theology. Studying the Bible is a lifelong journey that will continue on into eternity. Fortunately Michael Basham adheres to the correct post-tribulation rapture doctrine, so I’m sure he will build an even bigger and sounder ministry upon the work that Ray Brubaker and others have already done. Michael’s youtube channel is certainly a current events news channel which links everything to the Bible, and he certainly keeps his viewers up to date on a variety of topics and breaking news. A key focus of Basham’s video’s lately has been related to the role of the end time church, during the tribulation period and leading up to it.

As Michael was a member of, The Family International (TFI), for a number of years, he also shares a variety of teachings from TFI with his audience. Michael shares audio recordings of David Brandt Berg (former TFI leader and founder) and Karen Zerby (current TFI leader) with his audience. Michael also reads and discusses the famous TFI/COG Mo letters (TFI leadership’s primary form of communication to its followers) with his audience, and those who want a basic understanding of TFI/COG could certainly benefit from watching his videos. Michael also shares a variety of other TFI/COG material on his channel which includes: TFI music, TFI videos, TFI pictures, TFI history and so forth. Michael also gives his personal testimony about how he came to join TFI and the persecution he endured as a result of joining the group. TFI has had a strong emphasis on end time events and Bible end time prophecy, and I would have to say that TFI has some of the most accurate Bible end time prophecy interpretations I have ever heard. If you’re interested in Bible prophecy, current events, conspiracies or learning more about TFI and its history then Michael Basham’s channel is definitely worth visiting. Michael also discusses a host of other important topics related to: spiritual warfare and the spiritual realm. He addresses TFI’s doctrine of the keys of the kingdom, which he claims are a spiritual end time weapon for Christians to use against demonic forces in the last days. On a personal note, I have had some confirmation that this keys of the kingdom doctrine from TFI does have some credibility.

Please visit Michael Basham’s channel for more information.


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