The Vatican identified as one of the first enemies of, The Children of God (COG)/The Family International (TFI)

Upon evaluating the writings of David Brandt Berg it seems very clear the Vatican was one of the original enemies of, The Children of God (COG), which is now known as, The Family International (TFI). The Vatican continues its persecution of TFI today through: organized poisonings, paying off youth to leave the group, mind control, witchcraft and many other forms of manipulation. My personal investigations have shown me clear links between the Jesuit Order (terrorist arm of the Vatican) and TFI splinter groups. The Jesuit Order who control the Vatican wield tremendous power and control the: media, organized religions (both protestant and Roman Catholic) and government through their various secret societies. The government, media and religious persecution of TFI is organized from behind the scenes by the Jesuit Order, as TFI is a religious group the Jesuit Order have problems controlling. Since TFI’s inception the Vatican and Jesuit’s have been trying to stop the growth of TFI. You can read the evidence below.

THEN THE PERSECUTION BEGAN TO RISE IN TUCSON! The Catholics had a petition signed by 9,000 names to close us up & get us out of town, because we were winning so many of their kids, especially at the University of Tucson. (By David Brandt Berg – November 29, 1979. Source: Millions of Miles of Miracles, David Berg’s life story – part IV)

There is nothing evil about TFI and its members are the most sincere Christians I have ever come across. It is the Jesuit Order and Vatican that needs to be stopped. The Jesuit’s have a bloody history of: murder, torturing children to death (through their Ninth Circle Satanic cult), Satanism, witchcraft, assassinations, genocide and a host of other crimes.

I have also written an article about how the murder/suicide involving Ricky Rodriguez (son of current TFI leader, Karen Zerby) may have been a Jesuit mind control operation. Please read my Ricky Rodriguez article for further information on this issue.

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