Who is David Brandt Berg (a.k.a: Moses David)?

David Brandt Berg (pictured to the right) who also used the name Moses David was the founder of the Christian movement known as, The ChildrenBergpic2 of God (COG), which later changed its name to, The Family International (TFI). David Berg is no stranger to controversy and led a worldwide underground Christian movement for decades. David Berg could also be described as a conspiracy theorist, as he received supernatural dreams and revelations regarding conspiracies happening within the world. Many of Berg’s supernatural visions and dreams have begun to manifest, as we are now seeing the rise of a one world government, and a universal barcode microchip that will be needed to buy and sell in society (VISA pay wave systems etc). These are issues conspiracy researchers have just began to explore, however David Berg was addressing these issues decades ago.

David Berg had extensive experience working as a Christian Minister through the years, before becoming the charismatic leader of, The Children of God, which later became known as, The Family International. David Berg was the son of two well-known Christian preachers and evangelists; Virginia Brandt Berg (David Berg’s mother) and Hjalmer Emmanuel Berg (David Berg’s father). Virginia Berg was a well-known Pentecostal evangelist, who was documented as receiving a supernatural miracle after being miraculously healed from a severely damaged back. It was said that Virginia hovered between life and death until her prayers to God were answered and she was miraculously healed. Virginia later wrote a book called, ‘By the hem of his garment’, which documented her miraculous healing and experiences with God. David Berg worked in the church ministries of his mother and father over the years in various positions, and eventually went on to Pastor a church in a particular church denomination.

After David Berg became disgruntled with the lack of support (particularly financial support) from his church denomination, Berg started to break away from the mainstream church denominations and he became an independent evangelist. During David’s service as an independent evangelist, he started ministering to the drug induced hippy youth of the 1960’s, and this band of youth hippies formed the Christian group, The Children of God. The Children of God went forward as a radical youth Christian movement, which spread through the USA and abroad rapidly. The Children of God used: music and street evangelism as their main form of evangelism. The Children of God changed their name to, The Family International (TFI), and after David Berg died in 1994, Karen Zerby took leadership of the group. Zerby continues to lead TFI until today.

David Berg authored over 3000 articles during his lifetime which related to: conspiracy theories, world politics, theology, spirituality, sex and a host of other topics. David wrote extensively about end time events and eschatology (Bible prophecy related to the apocalypse), and believed that Christians needed to prepare for the end of the world and second coming of Jesus Christ. David Berg promoted a more free form of sex during the 1960’s and 70’s than most Christian denominations were used to, but this was most likely due to the hippies who he was sharing the gospel with. During the 1960’s and 70’s there was a much more free sex/free love culture that permeated through the hippy movement. David Berg has been vilified for his sexual past by other Christian leaders, but I think people should really leave the judging to God, as its clear this man led multitudes of youth into the Kingdom of God. There are many Christian leaders in some of the most popular Christian churches today, who have controversial sexual pasts, and I think character assassination is unfair. People should not throw the baby out with the bath water and people should really focus on David Berg’s spiritual accomplishments, and not be constantly digging up dirt on the man to attack his character. In the past, David Berg’s Christian organization has testified of leading 33 million people to Jesus Christ, and I think that is an outstanding achievement. Very few Christian leaders can claim such monumental goals achieved for the Lord, and I think many people could learn something from David Berg and his life.

Analyzing David Berg’s alleged spiritual gifts makes me believe that David Berg was a prophetic seer. David’s prophetic revelations came mainly in the form of allegorical visions and animations, which occurred in his dreams or in a half wake/half sleep state. David had a number of dreams which related to conspiracies happening within our society, one particular dream related to a false flag operation being conducted by the US in Europe, which would work as a catalyst and an excuse for the US to invade Russia. In the dream, Berg saw a hot air balloon type flying craft which attacked Europe, and he was told the US and others were framing Russia as an excuse to invade the nation. As we observe events today and the facts uncovered by seasoned conspiracy researchers, there seems to be much evidence things like this did occur; in and around Ukraine. The shooting down of the commercial passenger jet over Ukraine is a prime example, with a number of researchers suggesting that Russia was framed in this situation. The conspiracy research surrounding the September 11 attacks in the US, are also another example of a false flag operation (Alex Jones from infowars has produced a number of documentaries on this issue, and regularly discusses these issues on his radio program). False flag operations are conducted as an excuse to attack a person(s), group or nation. Berg has many spiritual and prophetic dreams about a variety of topics, and most of these dreams and visions are documented in the Mo letters. The Mo letters are a series of writings (3000 or more articles), that contain the journals and article writing of David Berg.

David Berg lived a very spiritual life and claimed to be directed by the Holy Spirit through dreams and visions, and he also ML622-SpiritWorldclaimed he was assisted by spiritual helpers from another dimension. One of his main spirit helpers was a former male gypsy who had died, and was now directing David from another dimension. This gypsy according to Berg, received his instructions from Michael the Archangel.

David also seemed like a very humble man and his preaching methods broke the traditional mould. Instead of preaching from stages and exalting himself, he reached out to his flock and hippy youth in a personal way, he preached to them through letters and took on more of a friendship evangelism approach. David was often photographed sitting amongst his hippy youth followers in friendship gatherings, as he was a man who came down to the people instead of exalting himself over them. He also seemed to adopt much of the hippy culture, and was often photographed wearing cool sunglasses when indoors. Berg looked more like the bass guitarist from the music band, ‘The Doors,’ than an aging Bible Minister.

In conclusion David Berg was a very spiritual man who started a youth Christian movement that continues on until today, he was definitely a person with sound Bible knowledge who preached the correct rapture doctrine of a post-tribulation rapture. Berg reached the multitude of hippy drug users who the traditional youth could not reach, and his organization has been evangelizing the gospel and doing charity work in much needed places for decades. Like most men who impacted the world in a significant way, he did create controversy and he was both loved and hated by a variety of people. My perspective toward Berg is that he was both an interesting and curious character, who captured the hearts and minds of youth both in the USA and abroad. Whether you love him or hate him, you still have to admit he led millions of people into the Kingdom of God through his evangelizing methods. Berg’s legacy lives on today, as his letters and publications continue to circulate the world through: magazines, books and other forms of media. Followers of Berg continue to evangelize and preach Berg’s teachings all over the world, as The Family International continue to operate in various countries of over the world. The blog that I am writing on (Warriors without Borders) was started by TFI members who invited me to write on here. Although I am not a member of TFI, I must say that I admire David Berg and his accomplishments and definitely believe he was one of the most influential evangelists of the 20th century.

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