The intriguing similarities between David Brandt Berg (Moses David) and Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton)

Upon researching David Brandt Berg and comparing him with the ministry and life of Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton) I have found some extraordinary similarities between these two men of God. I definitely believe Berg was a prophetic voice, as his prophetic seer gift in the form of dreams and visions were clearly accurate in many respects. Even though Berg may have been wrong with some of his predictions, it is probably because he was unable to interpret the visions he received correctly. Many people with seer gifts (The prophetic seer gift is visual prophecy that usually comes in the form of riddles in dreams. The King of Egypt’s dream of seven fat cows and seven starving cows is an example of the seer gift.) are unable to interpret some of the visions they receive. Although Berg could successfully interpret some of his visions, some of his visions may not be interpreted correctly for another ten years or more. God probably inspired Berg to write down his dreams and visions, as some of the dreams were not meant to be interpreted for another decade or so. Berg definitely had a prophetic gift and he was also called to be an evangelist to a unique niche of people. The hippies of the 60’s and 70’s were definitely considered to be a group of weirdos living on the fringe of society, and these were the people Berg specifically evangelized to. Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton) also seemed to be a prophetic voice to some extent, as his writings on the internet sent shockwaves through the internet and created an almost cult who followed Branton. Conspiracy theorists and isolated weirdos such as myself who lived on the fringe of society, discovered Branton’s online books and we sat in awe as we wondered if these fantastical tales were true? Branton also testified of his faith in Jesus Christ while he wrote about the hidden world of flying saucers and underground bases to his followers. You could definitely say that like David Berg, Branton also had a unique group of weirdos who God sent him to minister to.

In my early to mid-twenties, I started reading a lot of Branton’s books about secret underground military bases, and the hybrid demons/humans who populated these bases with the Jesuit’s and other secret societies. It was some of the craziest stuff I ever read in my life as a conspiracy theory researcher, and I was also shocked these books were available for free, because I knew Branton could have easily become a millionaire by selling these books. I thought to myself, I will investigate this myself to see if there’s any truth to Brantons books, so I went out to investigate an alleged underground base, and to my shock I discovered something that could be nothing but a secret underground base. I saw the evidence with my own eyes. This particular underground base was hidden in plain sight in a residential neighbourhood, and it was conveniently located a few doors down from a secret society Branton claimed controlled these underground bases. These underground bases are connected all around the world by secret underground shuttle train systems. When I discovered this secret base and saw the secret society and reptilian connection my life definitely changed, I could not deny the evidence and felt that I had information very few individuals had, but I also knew that nobody would believe me. I also had a friend who worked in construction and his manager had taken a photo, of an anti-gravity flying saucer which hovered over a house he was working on. My friend also told me he was working for a wealthy client who was in the arms dealing business. The photograph of the flying saucer was examined by an executive from Kodak and was confirmed to be genuine. It seemed that all the logical evidence pointed in the direction of Branton’s claims of: underground bases and flying saucers to be true. Branton mixed his cutting edge research by referring to his faith in Jesus Christ and Bible prophecy, and I can sincerely say that Branton was a person who kept me inspired to stay in the faith. I was definitely one of those conspiracy theory weirdos who Branton touched in a significant way. Branton also had a strong emphasis on end time events and Bible prophecy, and some of his predictions and theories on end time Bible events were some of the best I had ever read. He really had an incredible gift to merge Bible prophecy with the most cutting edge and controversial conspiracy theories. Branton may be one of the most controversial people on the internet and in the world, and he is followed by a secret network of people who admire him and his work.

The Branton movement is definitely an underground movement with its own sub-culture; it is made up of a cult following who live way outside the world’s normal way of thinking. They are a group of people who believe in: aliens, hybrids, demons, anti-gravity flying saucers, secret underground military bases, secret societies who rule the world from underground bases linked by shuttle trains beneath the earth and that travel at Mach 3, and they believe that apocalyptic events are coming upon the world, and many of them also believe in Jesus Christ because of the writings of Branton. There is little room for these people within the mainstream traditional churches, nor do these people fit into the mainstream church, but God has sent them a Prophet named Branton, who has proclaimed to them, “I understand your perspective and I have information and revelation on these issues you could never discover in a lifetime, and I also have the answer to the world’s problems, and the answer to the world’s problems is Jesus Christ.” Branton was certainly an evangelist and prophet in a place and society where no Christian had ever sown or reaped.

Since Branton wrote his prolific series of writings and books, he has come under tremendous persecution, and was run over by a heavy 4×4 vehicle (according to his associates it was done deliberately) and he has also been accused of being a child abuser. Persecution and personal attacks seem to follow the life of Prophets and men of God who seek to preach truth to the world. I believe Branton is a genuine man of God and I think the personal attacks against him are unfair, and are a physical manifestation of the spiritual war being waged against him.

David Brandt Berg is also a curious character and by reading his MO letters (his primary form of communication), many of his writings are consistent with many of today’s popular conspiracy theories. Berg has written extensively about secret societies controlling the world for Satan, and about inter-dimensional spirit beings. Berg identifies that some of these spirit beings are a force for good while others a force for evil. Branton has also discussed inter-dimensional fallen angels controlling the secret underground military cities, anti-gravity flying saucers and subway systems. Branton has also discussed how the good spirit beings (angels) will assist God’s church in the last days.

Berg also had a specific audience he was sent to evangelize to, as he was sent to preach to the drug using hippies of the 1960’s and 70’s. These hippies were despised and considered to be lepers, by many of the traditional churches and mainstream society. These were people who lived on the fringe of society and did not fit into mainstream culture. They were involved with: hippy rock music, drugs, free love, partying and they had a very spiritual and philosophical perspective on life. They dressed like rock music nomads and they simply did not fit into the traditional church model. Berg who was an evangelist and preacher arrived into the hippy scene with his family and children, and he began to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them in an open minded and ultra-spiritual fashion. Berg’s philosophies consisted of: challenging government policy and politics, understanding the spiritual world, basing world views on prophetic dreams and visions, alternative and open minded views of sex, basic Christian salvation doctrines and preaching on the streets. Berg also encouraged the hippy youth to use their hippy music to worship the name of Jesus in song. Berg’s group of followers produced some of the best Christian music that inspired a generation. Berg’s group of hippy followers became known as the Children of God, and they traveled through society declaring prophetic utterances as they dressed like prophets in sackcloth, whilst playing hippy Woodstock music that worshiped Jesus Christ. If you research the history of, the Children of God, led by David Berg, you certainly find a rich and intriguing history of people who really impacted the world in a big way. Berg’s followers eventually changed their name to, The Family International (TFI), and they became heavily persecuted and attacked in a number of ways. TFI has to some extent become an underground movement much like the followers of Branton (known as the Kingdom of Brantonia). TFI has also been accused of mistreating children, and these are the same accusations directed towards Branton. I personally have seen nothing in TFI’s history that could be described as evil child abuse. My friend Michael Basham, who is a member of TFI, regularly posts videos of himself on youtube educating and raising his daughter, and I believe he comes across as one of the most mature and decent fathers I’ve seen. If people want to understand child abuse, they should watch some of Ted Gunderson’s (former FBI chief) lectures on the abuse Satanic cults commit against young children. However most of the Satanic cult abuse is covered up and the police are told not to investigate. According to Gunderson, 50,000 innocent people (mostly children) are murdered by Satanic cults every year in the United States. To claim TFI is some evil cult is simply unfair and not realistic. TFI is a genuine Christian organization seeking to spread the message of Jesus Christ into the community.
According to Michael Basham (TFI member), TFI is to some extent a secret order, as the group does not expose themselves too much, and its members and leaders do not seek fame or notoriety. TFI is to some extent an underground type of movement now, similar to the conspiracy theorists that follow the work of Branton. Branton now suffers from a permanent disability and is not the same after being run over by a heavy vehicle (many people including myself believe this was a deliberate attack against him). Many of David Berg’s writings and doctrines discuss controversial issues that relate to the work of Branton, which include exposing the microchip/mark of the beast agenda. Current TFI member, Michael Basham, has stated that after years of visiting different churches, he discovered that David Berg was the only person who addressed the mark of beast/microchip issue. Due to TFI’s position on the mark of the beast/microchip issue, they certainly fall into the category of being an almost conspiracy research movement. Because TFI does address cutting edge conspiracy concepts similar to Branton, they have become a target because they expose much of Satan’s plans. TFI like Branton and the Brantonian’s have become a target in Satan’s crosshair. It is this kind of persecution that forces groups to become somewhat underground. The persecution also involves spiritual persecution where demon possessed people persecute the group as well.

TFI has also started to catch up with some important information related to the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order are a key part of Satan’s end time army, and you cannot fight the enemy unless you know who your enemy is. Some TFI members such as James Arendt have started writing about the Jesuit Order and educating people about this group. Branton was also one of the first conspiracy researchers to identify the Jesuit’s as being second in charge to Satan and his demons.

Branton and Berg really were similar in the fact that they were both sent to an obscure and weird group of people to share the gospel with, and they both addressed controversial issues related to conspiracy theories and alternative information that few people dared address. They also both led an underground movement that stirred up a lot of controversy which pushed them underground. These two somewhat underground movements certainly impacted society, and left it’s group of unique followers with something hopeful to believe in. Another interesting point is that both Berg and Branton referred to the modern day church as churchianity, while referring to a relationship with Jesus and fellowship in his name as Christianity. It’s intriguing they both made this distinction and shared this perspective.


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