The persecution of, The Family International (TFI), formerly known as the Children of God (COG)

My good friend, Michael Basham, recently told me in a personal conversation that he has been persecuted and alienated for being involved with The Family International (TFI). Michael is a member of TFI and has formerly been a full time disciple missionary (FD) in the group. TFI is a Christian missionary organization with a strong emphasis on evangelism, and has been preaching and witnessing about Jesus Christ for decades. It is these sorts of groups that the devil attacks quiet viciously, as the devil does not want the gospel being preaching to the lost on the city streets. TFI has been preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ on the streets and around the world for decades.

In the past I have actually been demon possessed, so I can understand why people persecute TFI. People are persecuting TFI because they are possessed by demons, and the demons inside them attack TFI and its leaders, because the demons want TFI to shut down their operation and stop stealing souls from the devils kingdom. TFI is definitely a threat to the devil and his kingdom. In the past I was possessed by a number of demons and I did persecute a number of Christians, I remember being absolutely driven to attack and verbally abuse a number of different Christians and Christian organizations. “Driven” is a key word, because when you’re under that kind of demon possession, all you want to do is adhere to the goals of the demon. You become one with that demon or group of demons and your only goal is to attack God’s work for the demon.

Many Christians are possessed and influenced by demons, and you can be possessed by a Pharisee demon which works with the characteristic of pride. These Pharisee demons operating through people within the body of Christ are attacking TFI members and other innocent Christian believers. Some of the attacks I have seen toward TFI and its leaders online are quiet nasty and it’s clear there are demons involved. The spiritual warfare surrounding TFI is some of the most intense I have ever seen. But I guess that is understandable considering the type of evangelism work that TFI does. The devil wants to destroy Christians who are actively involved in evangelism.

Recently I came into contact with a person who was persecuting TFI quiet badly, and this person had all kinds of ill will toward TFI at one stage. However this person came to realize he was actually possessed by demons who wanted to use him to destroy TFI. This person stated that he was in tears, when he realized how badly he persecuted TFI and was sorry for his actions. Upon evaluating this individual’s history and life, it was clear to me this person had been demon possessed, and had a hatred for TFI and even other Christians. This demon possessed person also a claimed to be a Christian during his time of persecuting TFI. He had verbally abused Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly (some of the worst verbal abuse I have ever seen) and spread all kinds of venom about TFI throughout the internet. This person hated TFI vehemently. This person was able to get deliverance from these demons through the ministry of Derek Prince (Interestingly, current TFI member, Michael Basham, has a connection to Derek Prince through his grandfather. Basham’s grandfather worked for Derek Prince as an assistant Minister at one stage). Basically this former persecutor of TFI watched some Derek Prince deliverance ministry teachings over the internet, and he was able to identify generation curses over his life and personally cast the demons out of himself. Once the demons were cast out of this person, he was able to see a lot clearer and function as a genuine Christian. He has since stopped persecuting TFI and other Christians and has moved forward with his life with a greater understanding of the spiritual realm. Generational curses are real, and you need to verbally pray over generational curses to break them off your life. If you have an: ancestor, parent or grandparent who has been involved with witchcraft or Buddhism (or something ungodly), these demons are passed onto you.

The Bible discusses these generational curses… “Visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation.” (Numbers 14:18)

The former iniquity of ancestors is passed onto future generations, and the demons associated with this iniquity are also passed onto the future generations. These demons and curses can only be broken through verbal declarations in Jesus name, and by praying prayers which break these curses in Jesus name.
You need to prayerfully remove these demons by cutting off the generational curses in Jesus name. If you have recently become a new Christian I would advise researching generational curses and deliverance ministry, to be set free from demon possession and have these demons cast out of you.

In the below video, you can observe Derek Prince discussing generational curses. This teaching would definitely be helpful to those seeking deliverance from generational curses.

Derek Prince generational curse video

I would also recommend visiting one of Michael Basham’s (TFI member) blog posts, where he has posted a video of a man being delivered from a homosexual demon. This demon is in full possession of this man and you can observe the deliverance ministry commanding this demon to leave the man’s body. These are the kinds of demons persecuting TFI and its leaders, and as you can see from the below video, these demons have personalities and can talk. Please visit the starsword blog (produced by Michael Basham) post below, to observe an actual demon working its schemes through a man in Africa. As you can see in the below video, these demons are real! In the below video, the demon explains to the deliverance minister that he entered this man when he entered some water. Going into a demons territory can also cause demon possession as well.

Demon possession video


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