A review of the, ‘Activated Magazine’, produced by the Christian group, The Family International (TFI) formerly known as the Children of God (COG)

In the last six months I have made friends with some members of the Christian group, The Family International (TFI). I have been blessed by the fellowship from TFI members, and I have also been blessed by the many resources that TFI produces. TFI has produced a large volume of Christian resources over the years which include: tracts, books, dvd’s, cd’s, mp3’s, literature (in particular the groups famous MO Letters, and other letters produced by Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly) and magazines.  TFI’s MO Letters which were written by David Berg (a.k.a: Moses David) are absolutely astounding, and are some of the most epic and prolific writings of the last century.

David Berg’s MO letters can be described as ultra-spiritual writings that are both inter-dimensional and controversial. Berg’s writings were exactly what the 1970’s hippy movement were seeking, as his writings seemed to discuss exactly what Jim Morrison (from the band, the doors) sung about, when he sang the lyric’s, “break on through to the other side.” Berg’s writings were about breaking into the spiritual dimension from a Christian perspective, and exploring everything this dimension had to offer. Berg’s writings also talked about a new way of life which related to: living communally, sharing with brothers and sisters in Christ, and living a Christian lifestyle far different than the average church goer lived. Instead of sitting at sermons on Sunday, and attending endless Bible studies and preaching conferences, Berg led his followers (mainly hippy youth, many of whom had tremendous musical talent) on crusades around the country which involved: street evangelism, street music festivals, handing out tracts explaining the gospel and living together in large houses. It was definitely a Christian lifestyle far different than the traditional church, and at the time many young people seeking something more fulfilling in life travelled across the nation to join Berg’s flock.

David Brandt Berg (Moses David)

David Brandt Berg (Moses David)

The US media reported on a young man who drove around the United States in a car that had a sign on it which said, “Children of God where are you?” TFI was formerly named, Children of God, when it first started. The media basically covered the story of this young man who was seeking something more fulfilling in life, and he basically just drove around the country in this car with the sign on it, and he was asking people at various towns, if they knew where the Children of God were. He eventually found Berg’s flock of followers and joined them, and began living with them in a communal home as a full time disciple of Jesus Christ. It was an astonishing media story to watch, and it was obvious that David Brandt Berg had a tremendous impact on the youth during the 1970’s. Berg clearly was a Christian pioneer during the 1960’s and 70’s, and it was clear his movement led multitudes to Jesus Christ.

As David Brandt Berg began to instruct his flock of youth, he mainly instructed them through letters (known as MO letters). These prolific series of writings were based on Berg’s spiritual experiences and Bible scripture interpretations. I have read quiet a number of MO letters online, and it seems Berg did have some kind of spiritual gift, possibly the gift of a prophetic seer. Most of Berg’s spiritual revelations came through visions and dreams (a prophetic seer generally receives prophetic information through visions and dreams). In one particular letter Berg wrote, he explained that he was laying on his bed and he saw the word,  “Tenerife”, appear before his eyes. He had no idea what Tenerife meant, but he looked it up and discovered that it was an island somewhere and believed God wanted him to go there. Berg actually did go to Tenerife, where he and his followers spread their spiritual message.

Berg also had visions and dreams about future events. Berg actually had a dream that the mark of the beast described in the book of Revelation in chapter 13, would actually be some kind of computer microchip that would be implanted on a person’s head or hand. I definitely believe Berg heard from God on this particular issue, as this seems to be coming to pass in our time. Most competent researchers and preachers specializing in end time events; believe the mark of the beast will be a computer microchip. Well known preacher, Perry Stone, from the popular religious TV show, Manna-Fest, has stated on a number of occasions that he believes the mark of the beast will be a computer microchip. End time events researcher, Ray Brubaker, also believes the mark of beast will be a computer microchip. Brubaker appeared on religious TV some time ago, and was begging people not to take the mark of the beast microchip. I distinctly remember watching Brubaker (an elderly man) make this plea on national television some time ago, and it was one of the most profound moments on television I have ever witnessed. Berg wrote about the mark of the beast being a microchip many years ago, before anyone even considered it a possibility.
Whether you agree with all of Berg’s doctrines or not, the man clearly had some kind of prophetic gift from the Lord. Berg wrote countless prophecies and articles about his dreams and visions, and he definitely was the founder and leader, of one of the biggest youth Christian movements in the world. Berg’s resume is impressive. At TFI’s peak in 1983, TFI was reporting 10,000 full-time members. TFI’s Music With Meaning radio club had grown to almost 20,000 members. TFI’s membership numbers in 1983 seemed to be on par with some of the biggest churches in the world.

Regarding the controversy surrounding TFI and the claims of sexual abuse and other alleged misconduct, I think people really need to put this in a realistic perspective. Leave the judging to God. I personally think many of these claims of abuse are blown way out of proportion, and when you have large congregations the size of TFI/COG, there are going to be mistakes made as nobody is perfect. If you are looking for perfect Christians or perfect Christian leaders they simply do not exist, God uses fallen men and women to do his will. If you can look past the name calling directed toward TFI, and if you can look past whatever mistakes people in this group may have made, it’s clear these people did something incredibly monumental for God in the last 40 years. Very few Christian movements have reached the youth in the way TFI/COG did. If you think that TFI leaders are too sinful to have spiritual gifts from God, then you should study the life of Samson in the Bible. I also think much of the personal attacks against TFI are the result of intense spiritual and psychological warfare. There is much evidence to support that TFI and their leaders are attacked by fallen angels and the Jesuit Order (a group of occult black magicians pretending to be benevolent priests).

The current leader of TFI, Karen Zerby (a.k.a: Maria Fontaine), is also said to have the gift of prophecy. Many of TFI’s publications contain prophetic messages from Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit which works through TFI leaders.activatedlogo1
TFI currently has a publication called, Activated Magazine, which is available as a physical magazine and as an e-book online. I recently subscribed to the Activated Magazine online, and I receive regular emails informing me of new articles and monthly releases. Activated magazine contains articles written by: Karen Zerby (Maria Fontaine), Steven Kelly (Peter Amsterdam), excerpts from David Brandt Berg’s MO letters and a variety of other writers involved with TFI. The articles contain information about: spirituality and the Bible and also contain prophetic and spiritual messages.

I was recently reading the, Activated Magazine, produced by TFI, and the Holy Spirit really touched me in a significant way. On the online Activated Magazine publication, there was a prophetic word that I felt was really a word in season for me. Below is a copy of the prophetic word.

“Have you ever let Me down? Have you ever fallen short? Have you ever failed? Yes. But have you also grown through the failures, learned to stand back up after falling, and come to love Me more through the times that you have disappointed Me and let Me down? If so, you are a success to Me, and there is much more success ahead.

Lift others up in the way that I have lifted you up; forgive others as I have always forgiven you; challenge others to press on as I have challenged you; encourage others in the way that I have encouraged you; inspire others with the inspiration I have given you; comfort others with the comfort that you have received from Me; believe in others as I have believed in you; love one another as I have loved you.

Remind your loved ones that they can be strong by faith, even when they don’t feel strong. They can make it with My help, even when they feel exhausted. They can overcome, even when they think they have already lost. They can try again, even when they have failed. They can love, even when their hearts are broken. They can smile and even laugh through their tears. They can make it, even when the odds are against them. Let them know that you believe in them, just as I believe in you.” (Activated Magazine, 2015)

The above prophetic word really touched my life in a big way. I was genuinely seeking answers as I have been going through a difficult time in my life. When you’re seeking a word from Heaven in a difficult time during your spiritual walk, it really is a blessing to receive a word that speaks directly into your life. I have failed God in a big way during my life, and there have been many times I haven’t felt good enough to be a Christian. Recently I was thinking to myself, I have just made too many mistakes for God to ever want to give me another chance. The prophetic word in Activated magazine really gave me a spiritual boost, and it made me feel like God can forgive me, and will give me another opportunity to do something for his Kingdom. In the past it has been difficult for me to be a Christian, I have found acceptance from very few people. A friend of mine who got saved in jail allowed me to join his street outreach ministry some years ago, and a preacher from Africa also gave me the opportunity to preach at his church on a regular basis. However in recent times, my Christian walk has been lonely and it’s been difficult to find fellowship, I have also been haunted by past memories of mistakes I have made, and it’s just been difficult to move forward as a Christian. However the prophetic word in Activated Magazine gave me hope. After reading it, I believed that God did forgive me for my mistakes, and that even though I failed Him and disappointed Him, I believed I could get some kind of redemption in this life. A redemption where people would say to me, “you know what, you made mistakes in your past, but I can really see that God has forgiven you and that he is using you to help others and make a difference.” To some extent I really believe that redemption has begun on this website. My good friend, Michael Basham, who has been a full time disciple (FD) for TFI in the past, invited me to be a writer on the, Warriors Without Borders blog. I was really motivated that Michael invited me to write on this website, and it’s the first time a Christian gave me such an opportunity. As I continue to write articles on this website and on another blog, I can really see that even though many times I feel I’m not good enough, that God can even use me in my brokenness.

I really encourage readers to visit the Activated Magazine website and read some of the articles on there. There are definitely some profound and inspiring prophetic gems on there, which can really motivate you when life drags you down. The writings on Activated Magazine by TFI leaders and members really prove that TFI does walk with God and that they do have spiritual gifts to edify humanity and those seeking to walk with Jesus.

Those wishing to visit the Activated Magazine website can do so by clicking the below link.




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