The anointing and grace upon The Family International (TFI) music

As most know, I was invited to write on the Warriors Without Borders blog by my friends in, The Family International (TFI), and I have had a keen interest in studying the group and their history. They have some brilliant: articles, books and music out there. It’s been really fascinating to read up on this organization, that has been preaching the gospel for decades. One video of TFI which really touched me in an impactful way was some TFI music from the 1980’s. I could really see a unique anointing from the Holy Ghost on TFI members as they sang a song. The TFI members were singing a song about carrying on the work of TFI, and as I observed the singing, you could really see the grace of the Holy Ghost upon these people. As you observe the anointing of God upon the female singers, it’s understandable why this organization is attacked so fiercely. The demonic realm hates TFI and it’s members and wants to attack them at all costs. Regardless of your theology, if you observe the TFI music video which I watched, it’s clear these people are filled with the Holy Ghost and God is with them. Any person with a reasonable impartation of the Holy Ghost, can clearly see these people are filled with God’s Spirit and are of God.

Music is definitely a key part of God’s ministry to the world, and there is definitely something inspiring about the music of TFI. I would encourage you to watch the TFI music video below, and I’m sure as you observe it, you can discern the same grace of God upon it as I did.

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