No Impossibilities. . . RELOADED!

Michael Basham's Mother Ship


I had a good talk with my brother the other day, about many of the recent developments in the World, and spirituality.  It occurred to me that the Witches and the New Age people get a lot of visitations and ‘proof’ that they are in touch with invisible beings.  With Christians, as many miracles as we do get to see, it always still takes faith to believe in these Things.

One of the purposes of this blog is to compile a lot of the technical information and prophecies concerning the NEW WEAPONS which were primarily uncovered during the days of The Family International’s existence as a communal group of Christians who lived and thrived outside of the World System which is Illuminatay-Satan Controlled!

I myself lived and worked and continue to live and work with these individuals, and was eye-witness to…

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