Michael Basham’s commentary on my; Family International (TFI) and Children of God (COG) article

I recently visited Michael Basham’s youtube channel (I check his youtube channel regularly for updates and encourage other people to do so also, as he is involved with a variety of projects and always has something interesting to share.), and discovered that he responded to my TFI/COG article in a video that he posted. I found the video he produced very interesting, and in the video he addresses a variety of issues about my research into TFI/COG, and he also clarifies some points about TFI. Michael Basham is a former full time missionary of TFI, and had an FD (full time disciple) status in the group.

In the video Michael discusses which points I make about TFI are correct, and he also adds a lot of commentary on other aspects of my writing. As Michael is a former full time disciple and missionary of TFI, he is definitely worth listening to, and has a lot of worthwhile comments to share.

I definitely agree that the unfair media attention given to TFI has been unfair, the media has been completely irresponsible in their false portrayal of TFI and it’s leaders. TFI is definitely NOT an evil and malevolent cult, as the mainstream media would have you believe. They are a Christian organization who believe in Jesus Christ and follow His teachings.

The media fails to address the genuine Satanic cults out there, which former FBI chief, Ted Gunderson, has exposed on a number of occasions. Some of these evil cults have actually become addicted to the blood of humans, and many of the missing children on milk cartons have fallen victim to these blood drinking cults. Other evil cults the media fails to address is the Jesuit’s who are documented assassins, and have written doctrine in their literature that commands them to murder on command.

There is no doctrinal evidence related to TFI or Karen Zerby, that suggests TFI is out to: physically hurt, harm or kill people. Labelling TFI as a malevolent group is simply irresponsible media reporting and an outright lie. TFI is a New Testament focused Christian group with some progressive and alternative doctrines. Any reasonable person who observes the testimony and life of Michael Basham, can clearly observe that TFI has had a remarkable and positive impact on society. The negative incidents that have effected TFI are the results of witchcraft coming against the group. TFI has also been targeted by the Jesuit Order according to my research.

To hear Michael Basham’s comments about my TFI article, please watch the below video.


2 thoughts on “Michael Basham’s commentary on my; Family International (TFI) and Children of God (COG) article

  1. Wowsers, brother I’m constantly floored how you are willing to do this, and humbled. . . I’m just a regular old sinner boy but I’ve seen God do marvelous and mighty things. It’s been a long time since I met anyone who could stomach the straight up TFI/COG history and revelations and all I can say is that it injects some sort of wild extra-dimensional stuff into your Christian walk with God. I don’t think that the MO Letters are the end-all final answer to everything, but they sure did help me skip over a ton of garbage that the churches are still wading through. In the end, we’ll see the whole big picture from God’s perspective. Until then, let’s keep going by faith! GBY!


  2. Michael. I’m just thankful for the opportunity to do something for God’s Kingdom and His people. It seems this website is slowly getting more popular, so the Lord must be working through it. GBY to you too!


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