Who are The Family International (TFI)? What are The Family International today?

I am known on the internet as, ‘Reptilian Dimension’ and as ‘The Individual.’ I am not a member of TFI (The Family International), but currently have two great friends who are both members of TFI. I have been shown Christian friendship and fellowship by both these folks, and really appreciate what they do for God. As a Christian believer, I enjoy reading about other Christian organizations who serve Jesus, and I have been reading up on TFI recently and have also written some articles about them.

David Brandt Berg (Moses David)

David Brandt Berg (Moses David)

TFI was originally known as, the Children of God, and in the past I wrote an article called, Moses David and the Children of God (COG). In the previous article I wrote how COG started off as a group of 1960’s hippies, led by a charismatic and passionate preacher named, David Brandt Berg (a.k.a: Moses David). Berg had a tremendous passion to reach the world and in particular, the youth, with the message of Jesus Christ. COG evolved into an alternative religious and spiritual movement, that preached the reformation, salvation by faith in Jesus message, and the movement spread quickly. COG originally comprised of mainly younger people in the: hippy, rock music and drug culture. Current TFI member, Michael Basham, has stated that many of these hippies may have become lost in the illicit drug culture, if not for David Brandt Berg. Looking into the past, I would have to agree with Basham’s comments. Berg also seemed to have a visual prophecy gift which manifested through dreams, and in the early 1980’s, he had a dream that human implantable computer microchips, would be the mark of the beast as described in Revelation 13 of the Holy Bible. The computer microchip dream in my view does give Berg some credibility, and it’s quiet possible he did have a genuine prophetic gift.

Berg also introduced free sex policies into COG after stating he had a revelation from God. Berg introduced a free sex doctrine into COG’s doctrinal foundations based on: 1 Peter 4:8 which states, “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8/NIV) The sexual doctrines of COG became a part of COG’s evangelism methods also, as women in the group began using sex to persuade people to put their faith in Jesus Christ. The sexual evangelism used by women in the group was known as flirty fishing or FFing in the official COG doctrinal publications and letters. These sexual doctrines (although widely practiced in mainstream secular society) did cause the group some controversy. COG/TFI seems to be the only Christian group who practices this sexual evangelism and open sex doctrines, so these doctrines of the group certainly make them unique. The Apostle Paul did write to the Corinthians, “Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.” (2 Corinthians 5:11-21) Whether you agree with COG’s sexual evangelism methods or not, you have to admit, these people had a definite commitment to persuade people to choose Jesus over hell. COG certainly adhered to the Apostle Paul’s words of, “Knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.” COG definitely took the, “persuading men” doctrine of the Apostle Paul to a unique and controversial level, when implementing sex into the persuasion formula.

COG is known today as, The Family International (TFI). TFI members are spread out all over the world, and are engaged in a variety of charity and evangelism projects. As far as TFI’s current sexual belief’s are, I assume they continue to believe in free sex doctrines and possibly sexual evangelism. TFI also has a library of David Brandt Berg writings that it refers to. Berg’s writings are prolific and consist of thousands of MO letters (letters/instructions to his followers), that contain teachings about: prophecy, theology, eschotology, salvation doctrines, Jesus Christ, spirituality, politics, sex, prophetic dreams and experiences and so forth. These letters are available to members, and have also made their way onto the internet. I have personally read a number of MO letters online, and I have to admit, the quality of the writing is of a very high calibre. Most if not all MO letters, have made there way onto the internet through various avenues.

The current leaders of TFI are: Karen Zerby (a.k.a: Maria Fontaine/ David Brandt Berg’s former wife) and Steven Kelly (a.k.a: Peter Amsterdam).

Karen Zerby and Steven Kelly

Steven Kelly (Peter Amsterdam) and Karen Zerby (Maria Fontaine)

According to Steven Kelly, TFI has undergone a reboot and the missionaries or FD’s (Family disciples) no longer live together in the same houses. TFI disciples must now live in their own homes and have secular jobs. In the past, TFI members all lived together in the same houses and worked as full time missionaries.

After observing the youtube videos of my friend, Michael Basham (who is a TFI member), it seems he works a full time secular job, and during his free time, he travels to various parts of the world, engaging in missionary and charity work. I must say, that I am very impressed with the life and missionary work of Michael Basham, I really enjoy watching his youtube videos, and am amazed at the places he travels to and the work he does. Basham was recently in Nepal assisting those effected by the earthquake. He has also been involved in praying for the people there, and offering both physical and spiritual support to the people. Basham also rides his motorbike into isolated places of Nepal, and gives blankets and other necessities to children there. He also evangelizes the gospel of Jesus Christ whilst engaged in these charitable activities. Basham definitely lives a life far different from the average Christian and church goer, as he is constantly out in the world, visiting places people never dreamed of, and getting the gospel to the lost. This pioneering and adventurous spirit seems to be a trend amongst TFI members and leaders. I certainly wish Michael Basham all the best in his evangelism missions, and am inspired by his work. Those who genuinely evaluate Michael Basham’s life, can clearly observe that TFI members are not just genuine Christian’s, but they are model Christian’s going above and beyond the call of duty. It’s clear TFI members are both saved and full of the Holy Ghost.

Michael Basham can be observed in the below video engaged in missionary work in Asia. Note: Michael Basham is the one holding the actual video camera, and can be heard whilst filming the events.

On the official TFI youtube channel, current TFI leader, Steven Kelly, has produced a number of videos, where he explains the current state and vision for TFI. Steven Kelly can be seen in the below videos explaining what TFI is today. The below videos will give people an understanding of where TFI is at now and the direction they are headed in. I have also included a link to TFI’s official youtube channel below. I would highly recommend people visit the TFI youtube channel, and watch other videos of Steven Kelly, sharing more information about TFI and it’s current status and objectives.

In the below video, Steven Kelly talks about the “reboot” of TFI, which involved a restructuring of how TFI operates.

In the below video, Steven Kelly, tells people why they should become a TFI member.

To visit the official TFI youtube channel, please click here.



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