Found difficult, and so not actually tried

Even More Beautiful


Christianity has not been tried and found wanting;  it has been found difficult and not tried. (G. K. Chesterton)

Yes, Jesus said difficult things. Things we want to avoid. Things impossible and surely to be avoided, if not tried in the power of the Holy Spirit. He talked about taking up a cross, and not forfeiting our soul, and entering heaven by the hard road. And He told us that when we tell others this message we’ll be thought of as nonsensical.

So, difficult, yes. And disturbing. And complacency-crashing. And confrontational. But through it all — for those who are being saved by God — He is never found wanting.

Hear now His words to those who dare listen:

Take up your cross

“If anyone wants to follow in my footsteps, he must give up all right to himself, carry his cross every day and keep close behind me…

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