Who is Steven Kelly (a.k.a: Peter Amsterdam)?


Steven Kelly (Peter Amsterdam) with his wife, Karen Zerby

Peter Amsterdam also known as Steven Kelly, is one of the current leaders of TFI (The Family International). Peter married Karen Zerby (a.k.a: Maria) after the death of David Brandt Berg (former leader of TFI), and became one of the current leaders of TFI. Peter currently leads TFI with his wife, Karen Zerby. Peter also authors articles for the Christian magazine called, ‘Activated.’ I am a current subscriber to the Activated magazine and have read a few of Peter Amsterdam’s articles, and did find them both encouraging and interesting. Activated magazine covers a variety of topics relating to: Christianity, spirituality and life in general.

According to The Family International’s official website, “Karen Zerby and Steve Kelly (better known by their pen names, Maria Fontaine and Peter Amsterdam) are the spiritual and administrative directors of the Family International.”

Peter has also been heavily persecuted by a variety of people in the past, and I think many of these incidents have been spiritual attacks. I think Peter Amsterdam has done a lot of missionary work for Jesus Christ in the past, and because he is the leader of a large organization who preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, he has become a target for the devil. I think many of the people attacking Peter Amsterdam have been demon possessed. I recently evaluated one particular attack against Peter Amsterdam that I saw online, and it was clear to me the person writing this verbal assault and vicious curse toward Peter was clearly possessed by a demon. A demon can take possession of a person and control their faculties in order to: curse, verbally abuse and even physically assault an individual. It has been clear to me that many of these attacks against Peter Amsterdam are of a spiritual nature. I think people should evaluate the history of Peter preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, and coordinating the charity and missionary aspects of TFI before judging this man. Peter certainly has a rich history of leading a large Christian missionary group, who preach the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith, whilst also engaging in charity work that assists those in need. The Bible does instruct believers to bless and not curse, so those cursing and verbally abusing this man are clearly not following the doctrines of the Bible, but are actually following the doctrines of the anti-Christ.

I can honestly say in the past, that I myself have persecuted other Christians, and I discovered that during this time I was actually demon possessed. I caught these demons from two people who I was associating with. The Bible is clear about not keeping company with those who would become a stumbling block to you. If you do meet people who are persecuting other Christians, the best thing to do is part company from those people, and pray that they get delivered from those demons. Remember that the word, Satan, actually means; the accuser. When Satan or a demon takes possession of someone, they will use them as a vehicle to accuse the brethren and cause all kinds of mischief.

Despite receiving a lot of persecution similar to what the Apostle Paul endured, Peter Amsterdam continues to be a leader in TFI, and produce articles for the Activated magazine, and I assume other TFI publications. According to my research, Peter continues to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and encourages others to do so as well. I recently watched a Christmas video which was put on youtube, where Peter Amsterdam delivered an encouraging speech about the spiritual significance of Christmas. Karen Zerby also appeared on the video with Peter, where they discussed the Christian doctrines and messages of hope associated with the Christmas message. I sincerely wish Peter and Karen all the best and pray God blesses them both in their journey of faith. The Christmas video can be viewed below.


One thought on “Who is Steven Kelly (a.k.a: Peter Amsterdam)?

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    It’s amazing how insidious the Enemy’s attacks are and how he always (like the coward that he is) just hides behind others and uses their criticisms to fight God’s people. Peter has done a lot for the Kingdom and continues to do so. Although I sometimes wish they were to promote the spiritual warfare side of Christianity, I do honor him and his wife and all they do to keep some semblence of unity and order among Family members and to continue the whole Activated mission. I have heard that recently Activated has seen substantial growth since focusing more on the web. It’s also thanks to people like you who promote the Gospel, dear brother! Thank you for the thoughtful article, and all your previous interesting work as well.


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