Who is Reptilian Dimension (a.k.a: ‘The Individual’)?

Hi there folks. Most people know me online as ‘Reptilian Dimension’ and as, “the individual”. I am presently the owner and author of reptiliandimension.wordpress.com and I am also a contributing author on warriorswithoutborders.wordpress.com

I have been involved with conspiracy theory research since I was a teenager, but really started to research the alternative information circuit in my early 20’s. In my mid twenties I made a decision for Jesus Christ and became a born again Christian, after the evidence pointing to Jesus Christ being the Son of God, who died on the cross for humanity and then rose from the dead came to my attention. After a friend showed me the prophecies in the Bible that had come to pass and when I prayed about Jesus Christ, God really spoke to me and confirmed the reality of the life of Jesus. One prophecy in the Bible that really spoke to me was in Revelation 13:16-18, which illustrated how in the last days, the Antichrist would force people to take an implantable microchip in their right hand or forehead. As I read this Bible scripture, I was clearly confronted with an ancient prophecy that was coming to pass in my lifetime. As a conspiracy researcher who had observed the emergence of a one world religion and government, that would force it’s citizens to take an implantable microchip, I found hope in the fact that the Bible prophesied that Jesus Christ would return to bring justice. This blessed hope and the reality of the Bible prophecies, played a big part in me making a decision for Jesus Christ. “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ.” (Titus 2:13)

During my time as a conspiracy researcher, I attended UFO conferences and researched a lot of alleged alien encounters and UFO sightings, I discovered that there was substance and truth to a lot these encounters. Many UFO and alien sightings are also hoaxes, but there are also many real encounters, which are often demonic in nature and they also relate to Bible prophecies.

In the last few years I became very interested in the Jesuit Order, as I knew a few Jesuit’s and was shocked at the evil of these individuals. I also became aware that the Jesuit’s were simply an army of highly trained assassins and spies, hiding under religious costumes to avoid detection. I felt I had a moral duty to warn people about the Jesuit’s, so people would not be deceived by their evil deceptions or fall prey to their: murderous activities, mind control or witchcraft. Over six months ago, the Lord called me to start up a website which exposed the Jesuit Order and it has taken off beyond my wildest imagination. With around 10,000 views of my website in under six months, and with people sending their messages of support to me, I have been amazed at what the Lord has been able to do through me. I have also had an opportunity to give my personal testimony of making a decision for Jesus Christ on my website, and also share the gospel message with others who may have never heard it.

Around ten years ago I met a homeless person who was the most amazing person I ever met, and I do believe this person was Jesus Christ in disguise. He walked the city streets, helped all kinds of people and just captured the attention of a nation, he even met the Prime Minister of Australia after his deeds were brought to the PM’s attention. I wrote an article about this experience on the warriors without borders blog, and I encourage you to read it if you feel led.

In the past I have also been a volunteer at homeless shelters and soup kitchens, where I have had an opportunity to put my Christian faith into action and help those in need. I really enjoyed these experiences and was thankful to be able to help those less fortunate than myself. Some of the ministries I have been involved with included: bringing coffee to working prostitutes and offering assistance to them and serving food in a homeless shelter and soup kitchen.

I do not claim to be a perfect person, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life, including many mistakes when I was Christian. I have not always treated people the way I wished I had, but I guess that’s a part of growing as a Christian. All we can do is learn from our mistakes, and allow the Holy Spirit to change us into the people he wants us to be.
A follower of Jesus Christ once said to me, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” I did not always understand this saying, but recently I understand that it means, living in the here and now and doing the best with what you have. At the moment, I have mainly been focusing on an internet ministry which consists of a reformation and protestant Christian position, which includes preaching against the evil history of the Jesuit’s. In the last couple of days, I had a big breakthrough on my website (reptiliandimension.wordpress.com) as Vatican City recently visited my website. It seems that even a small fish like me can create ripples in the world with a mere laptop computer. I am a non-judgmental Christian and I accept all Christian believers as brothers and sisters, but I do believe the Vatican needs to be protested, as they are literally murdering millions of people and have done so for centuries. I believe: the Papacy, Vatican and Jesuit Order are the seat of the Antichrist, and I do identify myself with the fundamental Protestant and reformation Christian doctrines that protest the Vatican.

In the past I have completed a Christian theology certificate course, and I have been a keen Bible student over the last seven or eight years. I have also been a Minister in a charismatic/evangelical church some years ago, where I regularly preached to a congregation on a variety of Christian topics. I did enjoy preaching for a season and was really thankful for the opportunity to share God’s word. I eventually left that position after some years for personal reasons. I have also been involved in Christian street outreach, where I shared the gospel message through handing out tracts, and witnessing to members of the public about Jesus Christ. My primary activities at the moment are on the internet where I write articles as I’m led (I primarily write on the reptiliandimension website and I also write on warriors without borders as a guest writer). I also am involved in distributing gospel pamphlets to letterboxes in various areas. I have a strong desire to get the message of Jesus Christ out to the public, and by putting pamphlets that explain the gospel message into peoples letterboxes, you can give people an opportunity to read a life changing message as opposed to junk mail.These are some of the more recent evangelical activities I have been engaged in. My decision for Jesus Christ really effected me in a powerful way, and I feel I have a duty to get this life saving message to as many people as I can. I would describe myself as an evangelical and Protestant Christian believer.

As a conspiracy researcher living on the fringe of society, I have visited a number of churches over the years, and I have only ever attended ONE church, that preached on the mark of the beast and implantable human microchip. I think more: churches, preachers and evangelists need to preach on this issue. By participating in online ministry and evangelism, I can preach on the mark of the beast microchip conspiracy (as well as other important conspiracies), and this gives me the opportunity to show people the truth of the Bible prophecies. I think there is definitely a harvest of souls in the conspiracy research population, as most researchers see the conspiracy of a one world government and mark of the beast, but have not connected the dots to Bible prophecy yet. Any conspiracy researcher who reads the Bible, can clearly see their research discoveries were predicted in the Bible.

I am a fairly private person and don’t wish to share my name or personal details over the internet for a number of reasons. I have had assassination attempts made against me on a number of occasions, so I’m a private person who prefers to remain under the radar. That being said, I do not back down from confrontation and have successfully defended myself on a number of occasions. I also have been subjected to ridicule by family members and friends because of my conspiracy research, so I try to keep this part of my life private for those reasons as well. Much of my research is confirmed by former FBI chief, Ted Gunderson, who discovered by accident, that the US government was controlled by a network of Satanic cults. At the end of Gunderson’s life at the Grenada forum, he entertained and discussed the idea of the Jesuit’s and Vatican being at the top of the Satanic conspiracy. The Jesuit’s keep their high positions in the Satanic pyramid disguised very well, and it even took an FBI agent many years to discover this. The Jesuit’s also named themselves, ‘the society of Jesus,’ so that they would appear benevolent. One Jesuit researcher stated in the past that, “keeping a low profile is the key to success.” The Jesuit’s certainly have been clever in keeping a low profile and appearing to be benevolent, to avoid any kind of detection or opposition to their evil and Satanic activities.

Over the years I have been investigated by two private security intelligence firms. One firm worked for the Secret Service in the United States, and the other firm worked for the government and military intelligence sectors of a certain country that I won’t name for now. More recently, officials at the Vatican have been accessing and monitoring my website. Being monitored and investigated by these groups, has made me realize that truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and much of the information I share is based on information that is kept suppressed.

Other aspects of my research and writing relates to: nephilim (human/fallen angel hybrids), demons, angels, aliens, UFO’s and spiritual warfare. I have been in a lot of spiritual warfare in the past which included warfare with the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit’s are a key part of Satan’s spiritual warfare on earth and they always have been if you research history. The reason I named my primary website, ‘Reptilian Dimension,’ is because the reptilian dimension is where most spiritual warfare takes place. The reptilian dimension is a dimension just outside the physical dimension, and is a place where angels and fallen angels engage in warfare. The reptilian dimension is also a place where reptilian hybrid nephilim beings, begin there supernatural transformation. Many nephilim are part reptilian and can materialize this reptilian form into the physical dimension, where they appear as reptilian humanoids before our very eyes. A reptilian hybrid can appear as a normal human, and can transform into a reptilian at will or when in certain situations or circumstances. Over ten years ago I saw a number of reptilians shapeshift from human form and into reptilian form, and I was unable to explain this to myself, and for many years I thought it was just a bizarre hallucination. But after reading about the reptilians and studying Genesis 6 in the Bible, I became aware that fallen angels have historically mated with human females. These females gave birth to a variety of hybrid beings with a variety of supernatural features that are known in the Bible as nephilim. A nephilim has a choice to choose good (Jesus Christ) or evil (Satan) just as regular human beings do. I also believe in creating a climate of impartiality for the nephilim, as I believe a nephilim should not be judged, just because they aren’t fully human. According to a number of reports, there are many positive and good nephilim (reptilians among others) out there who believe in Jesus Christ, and want to make a positive difference in the world. My research has shown me that most evil reptilians are aligned with the Jesuit Order, who worship Satan and a false demonic Jesus who demands them to murder on command. The Jesuit General is also a god to the Jesuit’s, and if the Jesuit General tells a Jesuit soldier to murder or commit any type of crime, he must be obeyed without question.

As a Christian I feel as though I have been born again or saved a second time in the last year, as this year I have reflected a lot on my life. Although I have accomplished a lot as a Christian and can reflect on some great achievements, I still fall short in a lot of ways, and I really regret that I didn’t treat certain people better and love others more. I felt I did have some issues with pride and mistreated people and God really showed this to me, I guess we are all a work in progress and no person is perfect. I guess if we adopted the simple words of Jesus, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” then we could avoid regrets and mistakes, and we would be able to live a more harmonious life. I guess my mistakes humbled me, and I now realize I do not know everything, and that I will be a lifelong student in this life and the next. I try to keep a humble attitude and open mind, as I believe this is the best recipe in being successful with yourself and others.

In conclusion, I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and I am a truth seeker. Thank you to all the people and readers who have been supporting me and encouraging me with my work.


5 thoughts on “Who is Reptilian Dimension (a.k.a: ‘The Individual’)?

  1. Wow, it’s fantastic to hear the journey you are on, dear brother. Thank the Lord!! Praying that he continues to lead you step by step and to make his path clear. I’m also super interested in the whole aspect of supernatural warfare that we’re all engaged in, but very few seem to be able to face.
    The Reptilian Dimension part I never heard of before. There is so much more to explore and even enjoy as we continue the battle! Looking forward to what God has in store for us, and praying for you! It’s awesome to be able to talk with someone who understands so much of the spectrum.
    Also I feel like you’re in a position to carefully study things, while I’m constantly running around all over the place and rarely have the chance to sit down and really figure things out on paper like you do.
    The fact we can share intel and pray for each other is powerful in the Spirit, brother, as you have an angle few others have. Let’s keep going for God!


  2. Thanks for your encouragement Michael. God bless you. Yes, it’s not easy going forward with God, because I have made a lot of mistakes. But you just need to learn from your mistakes, get back up and dust yourself off, and just keep taking steps forward. It’s not easy being a fallen human being while trying to do God’s will, I just thank God he gives me the opportunities and strength to move forward.


    • Yes sir, I’m painfully awarded the fact that our heavenly Father just gives love and forgiveness constantly and I constantly fall short… I just know he’s got a plan and we gotta stop listening to the accuser and start listening to the sweet voice of Jesus! He’s the only one who can make it.


  3. God sent the Flood to wipe out many of the “hybrids” you in the article, but there is little further evidence. I don’t see any Biblical evidence for nephilim today, though some of the intelligence research with their satanist infiltration may be trying to bring back some of that.

    There are angels and there are demons (angels that rebelled with Lucifer). They are in a spiritual dimension and there is overlap. But to call it a “reptilian dimension” is misleading and diversionary. We don’t like reptiles and I think there is a Garden of Eden-originated hostility between humans and reptiles, even mammals and reptiles.

    What the man saw, I can’t say. But we have a cloud of witnesses, and we have the name of Jesus Christ, and the promise of salvation from sin, death and hell, with a guiltless eternal life. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed.


    • Trutherator: Thanks for your constructive comments and for taking the time to share your views. You make some good points by bringing up the flood and that hybrids were in existence during the time of Noah and the flood, does the Bible predict that things will return to what they were in Noah’s time though (the return of the hybrids etc)? The Bible does in fact predict that things will go back to the way they were in Noah’s time. Please consider this scripture, “”And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man.” (Luke 17:26). However I believe as we are now under the covenant of grace that hybrids can be saved through Jesus blood; just as other non-Israelite bloodlines can now be saved and have a relationship with God. Regarding snakes and reptiles… a snake or reptile is not always a bad thing. God Himself inspired the rod of Moses to transform into a serpent to wow the leaders of Egypt, this Godly snake also consumed the inferior snakes the Pharaoh’s enchanters produced. It is in this spiritual dimension that God Himself transformed a rod into a reptilian serpent, this spiritual dimension dominated by God can be used to perform any type of exploits by God, but its clear that in the past he has transformed simple objects into reptilian serpents. I agree that a host of other things occur within this dimension which include the movements of: angels, the great cloud of witnesses and so forth. Moses also used a bronze snake to heal any sick Israelite’s. God can use any type of creature, whether reptilian or something else to glorify his name. God himself created these creatures and uses them as he wishes. I am in total agreement with you that we have a great cloud of witnesses and the promise of eternal salvation from Jesus, you make some really good points there and its very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and making a valuable contribution.


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