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Hi there folks.

As a Christian I feel as though I have been born again or saved a second time in the last year, as this year I have reflected a lot on my life. Although I have accomplished a lot as a Christian and can reflect on some great achievements, I still fall short in a lot of ways, and I really regret that I didn’t treat certain people better and love others more. I felt I did have some issues with pride and mistreated people and God really showed this to me, I guess we are all a work in progress and no person is perfect. I guess if we adopted the simple words of Jesus, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” then we could avoid regrets and mistakes, and we would be able to live a more harmonious life. I guess my mistakes humbled me, and I now realize I do not know everything, and that I will be a lifelong student in this life and the next. I try to keep a humble attitude and open mind, as I believe this is the best recipe in being successful with yourself and others.

In conclusion, I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and I am a truth seeker. Thank you to all the people and readers who have been supporting me and encouraging me with my work.


5 thoughts on “Who is the individual author

  1. Wow, it’s fantastic to hear the journey you are on, dear brother. Thank the Lord!! Praying that he continues to lead you step by step and to make his path clear. I’m also super interested in the whole aspect of supernatural warfare that we’re all engaged in, but very few seem to be able to face.
    The Reptilian Dimension part I never heard of before. There is so much more to explore and even enjoy as we continue the battle! Looking forward to what God has in store for us, and praying for you! It’s awesome to be able to talk with someone who understands so much of the spectrum.
    Also I feel like you’re in a position to carefully study things, while I’m constantly running around all over the place and rarely have the chance to sit down and really figure things out on paper like you do.
    The fact we can share intel and pray for each other is powerful in the Spirit, brother, as you have an angle few others have. Let’s keep going for God!


  2. Thanks for your encouragement Michael. God bless you. Yes, it’s not easy going forward with God, because I have made a lot of mistakes. But you just need to learn from your mistakes, get back up and dust yourself off, and just keep taking steps forward. It’s not easy being a fallen human being while trying to do God’s will, I just thank God he gives me the opportunities and strength to move forward.


    • Yes sir, I’m painfully awarded the fact that our heavenly Father just gives love and forgiveness constantly and I constantly fall short… I just know he’s got a plan and we gotta stop listening to the accuser and start listening to the sweet voice of Jesus! He’s the only one who can make it.


  3. God sent the Flood to wipe out many of the “hybrids” you in the article, but there is little further evidence. I don’t see any Biblical evidence for nephilim today, though some of the intelligence research with their satanist infiltration may be trying to bring back some of that.

    There are angels and there are demons (angels that rebelled with Lucifer). They are in a spiritual dimension and there is overlap. But to call it a “reptilian dimension” is misleading and diversionary. We don’t like reptiles and I think there is a Garden of Eden-originated hostility between humans and reptiles, even mammals and reptiles.

    What the man saw, I can’t say. But we have a cloud of witnesses, and we have the name of Jesus Christ, and the promise of salvation from sin, death and hell, with a guiltless eternal life. He whom the Son makes free is free indeed.


    • Trutherator: Thanks for your constructive comments and for taking the time to share your views. You make some good points by bringing up the flood and that hybrids were in existence during the time of Noah and the flood, does the Bible predict that things will return to what they were in Noah’s time though (the return of the hybrids etc)? The Bible does in fact predict that things will go back to the way they were in Noah’s time. Please consider this scripture, “”And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of Man.” (Luke 17:26). However I believe as we are now under the covenant of grace that hybrids can be saved through Jesus blood; just as other non-Israelite bloodlines can now be saved and have a relationship with God. Regarding snakes and reptiles… a snake or reptile is not always a bad thing. God Himself inspired the rod of Moses to transform into a serpent to wow the leaders of Egypt, this Godly snake also consumed the inferior snakes the Pharaoh’s enchanters produced. It is in this spiritual dimension that God Himself transformed a rod into a reptilian serpent, this spiritual dimension dominated by God can be used to perform any type of exploits by God, but its clear that in the past he has transformed simple objects into reptilian serpents. I agree that a host of other things occur within this dimension which include the movements of: angels, the great cloud of witnesses and so forth. Moses also used a bronze snake to heal any sick Israelite’s. God can use any type of creature, whether reptilian or something else to glorify his name. God himself created these creatures and uses them as he wishes. I am in total agreement with you that we have a great cloud of witnesses and the promise of eternal salvation from Jesus, you make some really good points there and its very encouraging. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and making a valuable contribution.


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