The Family International (TFI), the Ricky Rodriguez incident and the Jesuit Order connection

The Jesuit Order are the extremist militant arm of the Vatican who also control the Pope. Over the centuries, any Pope who disobeyed the Jesuit’s was usually poisoned to death. It seems wherever evil surfaces, the Jesuit’s always seem to be within arms length. The Jesuit is a master of: poison, murder, mind control, brainwashing and spying. After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that the Jesuit Order may have played a role in drugging and brainwashing former, ‘family international’ member, Ricky Rodriguez.

“Alas, I knew they [i.e., the Jesuits] would poison me; but I did not expect to die in so slow and cruel a manner.” (Pope Clement XIV, 1774)

I have been in contact with a number of Jesuit’s over the years and have kept a close eye on them, and the amount of power and control the Jesuit Order have over organized religion and society in general is astonishing. Former Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera, has been quoted as saying, “the Jesuit Order is more powerful than you could imagine.” Most of the modern church denominations and so-called Christian missionary groups like, ‘the Mormons,’ are controlled to some extent by the notorious Jesuit Order. If the Jesuit Order controls organized religious groups and sect’s, they can mold the minds of each organization to benefit their agenda, which is a one world religion and one world government. Christian groups and other religious groups not controlled by the Jesuit’s are marked for: termination, infiltration and take over. After evaluating the murder/suicide of Ricky Rodriguez, interviewing witnesses who left TFI, observing Jesuit links to TFI splinter groups and evaluating other evidence which I personally witnessed, it seems very probable that Ricky Rodriguez was drugged by the Jesuit’s and put under some kind of mind control to commit the horrible crimes he committed.

One must understand that the Jesuit’s are an army of spies, mind controllers and assassins, who are spread all around the world in various disguises, and if you are a member of a local church or religious group such as TFI, I can guarantee you that there are secret Jesuit’s among you, spying on you and recording detailed reports of your activities. The Jesuit’s will also be plotting as to how they can take over your group or destroy it, if it will not submit to the authority of the Jesuit Order and it’s chosen Pope of Rome.

Former President of the United States of America, John Adam’s, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson wrote:

I do not like the resurrection of the Jesuit’s, shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only the King of Gypsies can assume. If there was ever a body of men who merited eternal damnation on earth, it is this society of Loyola’s. (John Adam’s, former President of the United States of America)

The last few months have been very bizarre and full of noteworthy coincidences. These coincidences could have been by chance, or they could have been divine incidents orchestrated by God…. I wrote this article some time ago, but was not sure whether to post it or not, as the content is extremely controversial and relates to a tragic murder/suicide, which occurred in the life of a young man named, Ricky Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the son of Karen Zerby who is the current leader of, ‘The Family International’ (aka: TFI/Children of God). TFI is a controversial Christian missionary and charity group. I am personally not a member of TFI, and the only connection I have to the group is that I am friends with a couple of the groups members. I am presently not a member of any religious group or Christian denomination, although I have attended a few different protestant churches over the years. After befriending TFI member, Michael Basham, who I believe is one of the most sincere and genuine Christian’s I’ve ever met, I started looking into TFI to get a better understanding of the group. Jesus did say, “you shall know them by their fruit,” and Michael Basham definitely has all the hallmarks of a true Christian. Upon evaluating the sincerity and spiritual personality of Michael Basham, I concluded that TFI was both a genuine and benevolent Christian organization.

Ricky Rodriguez posing for the camera with a happy face

Ricky Rodriguez posing for the camera with a happy face

One incident relating to TFI that left me puzzled, was the incident relating to Karen Zerby’s son, Ricky Rodriguez.

Ricky smiling with his mother

Ricky smiling with his mother

Ricky Rodriguez killed himself and a fellow TFI member in a violent psychopathic rage some years ago. Rodriguez claimed traumatic abuse and mistreatment from TFI as the reason for his murder/suicide. As I looked into the claims of Rodriguez they simply did not make sense. I evaluated a number of photographs of Rodriguez during his time as a TFI member, and I could find no evidence of traumatic abuse, that would trigger someone to go on a psychopathic murder rampage. Most of the photographs of Rodriguez as a child showed him smiling and enjoying life. Even other photographs of Rodriguez as a adolescent and young adult displayed him as a happy teen, then all of a sudden, Rodriguez left TFI and murdered a member of TFI and then killed himself. This is certainly bizarre behavior that does not make sense and I simply did not understand it. This incident simply did not make sense to me, as my initial investigations into TFI showed me that they were a benevolent group, making a positive difference in the community. I am not saying TFI is perfect and there is simply no church or religious group that is perfect, if your looking for a perfect church, it does not exist. But there was nothing in the history of TFI, that could explain why a TFI member would transform from a happy and bright young man, into a person who would kill a female Christian missionary and then himself. I felt some information was missing from this picture.

Ricky enjoying a fun childhood

Ricky enjoying a fun childhood

As you can see from the pictures above, any reasonable, logical and educated individual would conclude Rodriguez had a happy and privileged upbringing.

After an initial investigation into the Ricky Rodriguez murder/suicide which included: interviewing/talking to people linked to TFI and it’s splinter groups, and after recalling a number of events I witnessed (some years ago I actually met members of a TFI splinter group and had forgotten about this), I have made the various discoveries listed below. Since this is a sensitive issue and I don’t want to be accused of bearing false witness, I will label each statement in the numbered list as a theory or fact.

1. FACT: The Jesuit Order is very involved with TFI splinter groups (members who left TFI to form other groups).

2. FACT: The Jesuit Order are on occasions giving people money to leave TFI or trust a Jesuit or Jesuit controlled group over TFI.

3. THEORY: It’s very possible Ricky Rodriguez was influenced by a Jesuit or Jesuit agent to leave TFI.

4. THEORY: It’s very possible Ricky Rodriguez was drugged by the Jesuit’s and brought under Jesuit mind control.

5. THEORY: The Jesuit’s may have used drugs and other forms of mind control to turn Ricky Rodriguez into a super soldier like James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) who is a brainwashed super soldier, who performs a variety of gun crimes under mind control for various groups.

I recently came across a person (who wishes to remain anonymous) who met members of the Family International some time ago, and after he met them, he happened to meet a person I know for a fact is a Jesuit (but this person pretends to be a protestant Christian missionary). After this person met the Jesuit, the Jesuit started to be critical of TFI and their doctrines, and if I recall correctly, the Jesuit was criticizing TFI’s interpretation of the Holy Spirit. The Jesuit then began the usual campaign of taking the sheep away from the flock, so he can mold the mind of the sheep for his own agenda. Basically this person informed me that he had friends in TFI, and had done some Bible studies with this missionary group, and then this Jesuit just happened to come along out of nowhere. The Jesuit gave this person large sums of money to gain trust, and to get the person to choose him over other Christian’s. The money bribe worked, as this person was convinced this Jesuit was his true friend, and that what this Jesuit was saying about TFI was probably true.

This person became good friends with the Jesuit, and attended Bible studies and other fellowships with him. During one particular point in time, the Jesuit gave this person a very dangerous drug that results in: hallucination, mind control and all sorts of nasty effects. However, according to my research, this person was drugged on other occasions he was not aware of. I think there was one particular point where he got drugged with a large dose, but he did not recognize the previous smaller doses of drugs. Many times the Jesuit will drug the victim at a Bible study over biscuits and beverages. Sometimes it can be a: lethal dose, near lethal dose, or a small dose to slow the person down, other times the person can be drugged to make them insane or for mind control purposes. The Jesuit’s and their mind control experts are known to use drugs and psychological techniques to control peoples minds. Many of the drugs the Jesuit has access to, can make a person crazy or even a violent psychopath. The Jesuit has access to a variety of highly sophisticated drugs that are undetectable by modern medicine. We must remember that the Jesuit’s control the: CIA, NSA and other military intelligence agencies, and have access to the most advanced technology and drugs available. Those who think this is nonsense should observe the words of a former CIA station chief named, E Howard Hunt, who said, “the Jesuit’s are the greatest intelligence agency in the world, always have been.”

My sources have advised me the main types of poisons and drugs the Jesuit’s now use are nano-tech (microscopic robot viruses). Those who doubt this contention should observe that since the inception of the CIA, the agency has been ruled by the Vatican’s Knights of Malta. Those who doubt Vatican and Jesuit control of the CIA, can read my article, “Knights of Malta proven to rule CIA…” and you will discover this is not a conspiracy theory but an actual fact. If the Jesuit’s control the CIA and NSA, then they would have access to these advanced nano-tech viruses.
I recently remembered the Jesuit discussed above, was linked and in fellowship with a Christian organization, that happened to be a splinter group of TFI/Children of God (COG). I am not going to name the TFI splinter group, but I will say it’s leadership and original core members, comprised of former TFI/COG members. The Jesuit linked to this TFI splinter group physically attacked a friend of mine from the UK, who is an independent protestant. The Jesuit will resort to physical violence as well as using poison and weapons, and it should be noted, the current Jesuit General (Adolfo Nicholas) is a martial arts expert who was formerly based in Japan. On another note, this particular Jesuit linked to a TFI splinter group is also linked to another person who I strongly believe is a Jesuit, and this other Jesuit assaulted somebody else I know who belongs to a protestant Christian outreach team. Those who have seen the Jesuit in his true form, know that violence is a way of life for these bastard son’s of Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit Order is the diabolical Ignatius Loyola).

Many years ago, a number of people left TFI when it was called, Children of God (COG), after a person(s) rebelled against David Brandt Berg to form another Christian organization. Basically a number of people left COG and took many COG members with them, and formed another organization, and the people in this organization are involved with a Jesuit I personally know. I am pretty sure these splinter group members were operating out of a Jesuit’s house at one stage. I did not even remember this until I started writing this article, maybe the Holy Spirit is bringing these things to my attention for certain reasons. Was this large exodus from TFI a Jesuit operation? It seems possible… I have actually met members of this splinter group, and am aware of there association with a high level Jesuit. I basically remember speaking with these members, and they informed me they were a splinter group of TFI/COG, and their leaders left COG years ago to form their own group. This was a very brief encounter many years ago, and I only spoke to them briefly and observed their relationship with a Jesuit I knew.

As stated, I know for a fact, these splinter group members were very involved with a Jesuit of the fourth vow (fourth vow Jesuit’s are professional assassins). So if one understands the true nature of the Jesuit’s and observes their link to a TFI/COG splinter group, and then evaluates the Ricky Rodriguez incident, it seems a reasonable theory, that the Jesuit’s could have been responsible for the Ricky Rodriguez exodus from TFI and subsequent tragedy. If the Jesuit’s are linked to a TFI splinter group, is it reasonable to say that the Jesuit’s were linked to Ricky Rodriguez’s exodus from TFI?

Ricky Rodriguez was basically a content member of TFI, and all his photos display a person who is smiling and enjoying life. However, out of the blue, Ricky left TFI, became mentally deranged, and then killed a current TFI member and then killed himself.

As I examined the Ricky Rodriguez tragedy, it simply did not make sense to me… why would a perfectly happy young man, all of a sudden go on a psychopathic killing rampage and then kill himself, it just did not make sense. However the recent Jesuit relationship to TFI splinter groups, seems to answer some of these questions.

Those who are not informed on the Jesuit’s, should read the below extract from the Jesuit oath, which will help inform them on the true nature of these diabolical evil doers.

The Jesuit must make this oath to be admitted into the fourth vow:

“I furthermore promise and declare that I will, when opportunity present, make and wage relentless war, secretly or openly, against all heretics, Protestants and Liberals, as I am directed to do, to extirpate and exterminate them from the face of the whole earth; and that I will spare neither age, sex or condition; and that I will hang, waste, boil, flay, strangle and bury alive these infamous heretics, rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and crush their infants’ heads against the walls, in order to annihilate forever their execrable race. That when the same cannot be done openly, I will secretly use the poisoned cup, the strangulating cord, the steel of the poniard or the leaden bullet, regardless of the honor, rank, dignity, or authority of the person or persons, whatever may be their condition in life, either public or private, as I at any time may be directed so to do by any agent of the Pope or Superior of the Brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the Society of Jesus.” (The Jesuit Oath)

It is very possible that Ricky Rodriguez was recruited by the Jesuit’s into some kind of Jesuit controlled fellowship, where he was brainwashed and then influenced to carry out Jesuit intentions as described above. The brainwashing could have been a combination of drugs (secretly placed in a drink) and subliminal programming (In the past I knew someone involved with a questionable therapist, who used nature sound CD’s with hidden subliminal messages in them to initiate a mind control program similar to ‘Project Superman,’ which is a well known super soldier program.) Subliminal messages can easily be hidden in CD’s and music, and they can even be played openly in a room after the victim has been drugged.

The acts Ricky was influenced to carry out, would also serve as a defamation incident to destroy the organizations (TFI) reputation. I also believe drugs definitely played a role in the Ricky Rodriguez incident, as it’s quiet possible Rodriguez was drugged without his knowledge. The Jesuit’s are experts at mind control, and according to MI6 operative and black ops solider, James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince), all black ops super soldiers are controlled by the Jesuit Order and Vatican. Casbolt has testified on multiple occasions of being mind controlled to carry out numerous assassinations. One of Casbolt’s most recent testimonies relates to being prompted by Opus Dei (a Vatican and Jesuit society) to fire a gun on a group of people at a charity dinner function.

James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) with a royal Duke and his billionaire in-laws

James Casbolt (aka: Michael Prince) with a royal Duke and his billionaire in-laws

James Casbolt joined the US military after moving to the USA from England

James Casbolt joined the US military after moving to the USA from England

Current TFI member, Michael Basham, commented in the past that the behavior of Ricky Rodriguez reminded him of a mind controlled super soldier similar to James Casbolt. I would definitely agree with Basham’s comments, as Rodriguez exhibited all the hallmarks of a mind controlled super soldier, and went forth on a Jesuit mission to kill TFI members who the Jesuit’s consider heretic’s deserving of death.

The Jesuit’s watch all Christian groups including TFI, and intend to either: infiltrate, control or destroy any Christian organization they don’t control. According to Jesuit researcher; Eric Jon Phelp’s, the Jesuit’s control most religious groups who have a governing body. I believe many Christian groups are Jesuit controlled and agree to some extent with Phelp’s. On a personal note I have attended two churches in recent times for fellowship, and both were completely controlled by the Jesuit’s, and were operating out of Scottish Rite Freemasonry owned buildings (the Jesuit’s authored all 33 degrees of Scottish Rite Freemasonry at the Jesuit College of Clermont in France). These churches were the most popular ones (mainly comprised of youth) in my country.There were many genuine Christian’s in this church, and I was mainly attending just to get some fellowship. But the fact remains, these churches were under Jesuit control and had secret agreements with the Jesuit’s and Pope. At a later date, you will probably see these churches endorsing the mark of the beast (implantable microchip), and supporting the coming Antichrist and Jesuit controlled Pope (the current Pope is a Jesuit!).

It’s kind of bizarre how all this information has come to my attention, and it’s intriguing how I was invited to write on the: ‘warriors without borders’ blog, which has strong TFI links. It’s very possible the Lord organized for me to write on this blog to get the information out there. I am a guy who has been around, and I have spent a lot of time walking the city streets and talking to a variety of people. I believe I have a decent understanding of the Jesuit Order, and one Jesuit I personally knew was very involved with a TFI splinter group (this came to my attention in just the last couple of weeks). With current TFI members writing extensively on the Jesuit’s (James Arendt is a TFI member with a Jesuit exposure website), I do believe it’s very possible the Lord wants this information out there. When Satan cannot send a demon or curse onto a Christian, his next line of attack is the Jesuit, who is armed with a variety of weapons, and is trained to appear as a benevolent Christian friend. When the devil’s spiritual attack’s fail, he turns to his Jesuit, who attacks on a psychological and physical level. The militant Islamic group, ISIS, is a much more benevolent group compared to the Jesuit’s. The Jesuit’s are: calculating, intelligent and invisible killers, and since their inception in the 1500’s, they have been putting to death millions of Christians who believe in salvation through faith in Jesus alone. According to the Jesuit, those who believe in salvation outside of the Roman Catholic church are considered heretics that must be put to death, and the Jesuit’s have not changed their doctrine since the 1500’s, where they openly murdered countless Bible believers. The Jesuit’s genocide continues today through secret killings, orchestrated through intelligence agencies, and through communist/fascist governments that the Jesuit’s setup and secretly control. The Jesuit’s also continue their genocide by raising up super soldiers under mind control, who kill whoever the Jesuit wishes to destroy. Former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, stated that the Jesuit’s were very involved in poisoning their enemies in secret. Rivera also stated that the Jesuit’s controlled the communist party in Spain, which fiercely persecuted all Christian sect’s that did not submit to the Vatican. Former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, has also stated that Jesuit’s often drug people to make them crazy, which again proves it’s quiet possible Ricky Rodriguez was drugged to send him crazy.

The main purpose of writing this article is to alert people of what the Jesuit’s are doing, and to make sure this kind of thing does not happen again to an innocent person. If Ricky Rodriguez was in fact brainwashed and drugged by the Jesuit’s, this is not an isolated incident, this happens on a regular basis with the Jesuit Order, as they are constantly waging a relentless war against those who believe in salvation through faith in Jesus. The Jesuit’s do portray themselves as peace loving followers of Jesus, but this is only what you see on the outside, if you want to truly understand the Jesuit Order, you need to read their fourth vow oath which is on record with the US congress.

I am also writing this article as it’s quiet possible the: parent’s, friends and associates of Ricky Rodriguez may read this article and this could give them some closure on the event. I do not think Karen Zerby is a bad person nor a bad mother, I think she is a sincere Christian woman caught up in a spiritual war that is both ruthless and violent. The spirit wars often break into the physical dimension and produce physical casualties. The only words of comfort I could give to Karen Zerby is that if her son received Jesus Christ as his Savior, she will see him again in Heaven. I would also encourage Karen Zerby and other TFI members to visit the website of current TFI member, James Arendt (aka: James Japan) to get a further education on the Jesuit’s and to warn people in their organization about the Jesuit’s. People can also visit my personal website, Reptilian Dimension, for more information on the Jesuit’s as well. The below video I posted is also another excellent Jesuit education source. I am a: fair, reasonable and objective person, and I do think the nasty and ill willed comments directed to Karen Zerby through the internet are very unfair. I personally think Karen raised Ricky in a loving Christian environment and did her best as a parent, and she has also helped others around the world with charity and the gospel message. Evaluating Karen’s life and work over the years, certainly paints a picture of a benevolent person trying to impart a positive message to humanity. I am sorry for your loss Karen, and I am sorry to other family members and friends of Ricky who also suffered a loss. I cannot imagine what you folks had to endure, but my prayers and thoughts are with you. Even though this article is an investigative piece, I felt I needed to offer sympathies and grace to those involved as I am a Christian believer.

Those wanting more information on the Jesuit’s and who don’t know anything about them should watch the below 30 minute video. Also take note that the Jesuit’s weapons have expanded to include, gaining control of peoples minds, in order to get them to kill their enemies for them. Many of the Jesuit’s have extensive educations which include University degree’s in psychology, and the Jesuit’s are so ruthless and intelligent that they control most of the worlds intelligence agencies (which include the black ops assassination and spy networks).

Please watch the below video to understand why the Jesuit’s would brainwash Ricky Rodriguez, and why the Jesuit’s want to destroy and take over TFI and a variety of other Christian organizations.


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  1. Dear brother, I would love to be in direct contact with you. I have questions you may be able to answer because of your knowledge of the Jesuits. Please write me so I can get your email address and write privately.


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