VISION OF HEAVEN. . . a Planet?! by Maurice Sklar

Michael Basham's Mother Ship

Maurice Sklar

On Wednesday, August 4th, 2010, at about 10:30 AM, an angel came into
my bedroom, I had just awakened. He said to me, “I am sent from the
Lord to bring you to heaven. You must now come with me. Take my
hand.” So I did. Suddenly, I was in the spirit realm. We ascended
out through the ceiling of my home and shot up into the air like a
rocket. As a looked down, my house rapidly became smaller and
smaller, until I could only see our neighborhood, then only the city,
and then the outlines of the west coast of California. Soon we were
in space and I watched the earth grow smaller and smaller. Then, as I
looked out ahead of us, we were moving so fast that the stars became
like long streaks of light disappearing into a point in the horizon in

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