Incredibly informative thirty minute education on the Jesuit’s. This video contains footage from, the lamp in the dark, Bible documentary

Reptilian Dimension

lampdarkpic1I recently watched the below video which contains information directly related to the Jesuit’s, which was extracted from, “the lamp in the dark,” Bible documentary. This is a must watch for anyone wanting information on the Jesuit’s.

Some noteworthy quotes from the documentary include:

“You cannot understand history if you do not understand the Jesuit’s.”

“Adolf Hitler patterned the Nazi SS after the Jesuit Order.”

“Adolf Hilter referred to Heinrich Himmler as his Ignatius Loyola.”

The documentary quotes Charles Spurgeon who said, “they keep back a portion of the gospel.. having studied in the Jesuitical College.”

“Satan raised up people in the name of Christ (The Jesuit’s) who then attacked those who were becoming true Christian’s.”

“As if the bowels of hell itself had opened, and spat forth the most wicked and dreadful society (the Jesuit Order) ever assembled.”

“So great was the mischief of the Jesuit’s, that they were…

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