Who is James Arendt (aka: James Japan)?

James Arendt

James Arendt

James Arendt has been on the cutting edge of conspiracy research for a number of years. I recall on a number of occasions when visiting prominent websites such as: rense, savethemales and others, James Arendt’s websites were always referenced as having the most up to date information about alleged former Illuminati member, “John Todd.”
John Todd, who came on the scene in the 1970s, claimed he was on the high council of 13 in the Illuminati, before he made a decision for Jesus Christ and left the secret organization. David Brandt Berg (aka: Moses David) who was the leader of the Children of God (now known as the Family International), wrote at least one detailed article/letter about John Todd, and this became a major publication in the COG literature collection. James Arendt has preserved, studied and expanded on Berg’s Illuminati and John Todd studies in a number of ways. Arendt has also kept an eye on John Todd as he was in the prison system, and has kept people informed on his website about the happenings of John Todd.

Right: a picture of James Arendt (aka: James Japan)

Arendt also kept recordings of John Todd’s teachings, which were recorded when Todd preached and testified, at a number of independent fundamentalist Baptist churches. In these audio recordings, Todd can be heard preaching on: witchcraft, the occult, his personal testimony of coming to Jesus Christ and so on. Arendt can certainly be recognized as an individual who has kept the testimony of John Todd alive, and also identifying that David Brandt Berg, was one of the people who believed John Todd and wrote about him in official COG literature. Conspiracy researchers have referred to Arendt on numerous occasions, when discussing John Todd and his testimony of being in the Illuminati. It could be fair to say, that Arendt could be considered a scholar and expert on John Todd and his allegations of the Illuminati.

Arendt has been a Christian evangelist and missionary for a number of years after making a decision for Jesus Christ, and joining the Christian missionary group known as “the Family International” which was previously known as the Children of God. According to his website, Arendt has spent most of his time in Japan, where he worked as a missonary; evangelizing the message of Jesus Christ and the gospel.

Arendt has operated two main websites over the years which include: jamesjpn.net and deeptruths.com. Arendt’s; James Japan website, previously consisted of: NWO research, John Todd and the Illuminati research, and various other articles related to his personal life. However the James Japan website now seems to be dedicated to exposing the Jesuit Order and Vatican. The James Japan website is also a protestant website, which strongly asserts the traditional protestent theological position. The website also makes a case for the Pope of Rome being the Antichrist, and the Jesuit Order being the rulers of the world, who also rule the Illuminati. From a conspiracy research perspective, James Arendt has taken a position similar to Craig Oxley (unhivedmind.com) and Eric Jon Phelps (vaticanassassins.org). From what I have read on James Japan’s website (jamesjpn.net), I would say I would agree with most of his assertions about the Papacy being the Antichrist, and the Jesuit Order ruling the world and international secret societies.

As a prominent member of, The Family International, Arendt has taken on a strong protestant theological position, which consists of separation from Rome, and protesting the Vatican and Papacy as Antichrist. In my opinion this is an admirable step for Arendt, because I think protestantism and exposure of the Jesuits, is a key step for Christians to make any progress in their spiritual walk. Those who do not understand the Jesuits and history of Rome, cannot understand the Christian church or Christian history at all. The Jesuit Order, Roman Catholic church and Popes, have been the enemy of Jesus Christ’s true church for many years. Since King James decided to get the Bible translated into the common language, so the common man could know Jesus for himself, the Jesuits and Vatican have plotted to destroy the Bible since its translation in to english. The Bible is a threat to the Vatican, because it robs their priests (who wish to steal the office of God, and who claim they can forgive sins) of their power. By Arendt taking on an official protestant position which protests the Jesuits and Papacy, I believe he is setting a righteous example for other believers both in the Family International and outside of it. I do not believe a revival, or outpouring of power from God is possible, without taking a strong protestant position. The men who translated the Bible into english were: burnt, tortured, killed, poisoned, assassinated, locked up in prison, all for the sake of getting the word of God into our hands. Without these men and women who suffered, groups like the Family International would not exist, because it was the Bible which created these groups. Honoring those who suffered so much in the name of God’s word, is the only way to prosper through God’s power, “believe ye his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” (2 Chronicles 20:20). Without honouring these prophets who died at the hands of the Jesuit’ s and Vatican, so that people like me and you could have the Bible, we cannot be honored by God and receive His full power.

The truth is, that the Vatican and its Jesuits are the enemy of Jesus Christ and all that is good. The Vatican is Satan’s dynasty of Antichrist which seeks to steal the office of Jesus Christ and God, and it will kill and destroy anyone who seeks to believe a different way. The Vatican has killed millions of Christian Bible believers over the years, and scholar Eric Jon Phelps was recently quoted as saying, that Islam is absolutely nothing compared to the amount of innocent people Rome has killed over the years. Rome is an Antichrist killing machine, and the Jesuit Order are a team of serial killers who want to control all organized religion and politics worldwide. This is the Antichrist system, and in order to practice Bible based Christianity, we need to separate ourselves from this beast and protest it as of the devil. James Arendt is certainly protesting the Vatican and Jesuits, and I certainly support him in these efforts, and I believe that Christians need to follow his example, and I also believe the Family International and its members could prosper by following his example also. Remember that there were two main revivals and reformations in Christianity, the first was when the Protestants separated from Rome and followed God’s word. The second revival happened in the late 1800s and early 1900’s through John Alexander Dowie, who was a fierce protestant who protested the Vatican. Dowie received almost every gift of the Holy Spirit because of his protestantism and passion for God, people would come into his church on wheelchairs and with all kinds of diseases and his touch would heal them on the spot. Photographs of Dowie’s church contain pictures of wheelchairs and crutches decorating the ceiling and walls, when someone in a wheelchair got healed, they would leave their wheelchair behind, and Dowie would decorate the church with it as a reminder of God’s grace. Not since the book of Acts did God’s people ever witness such power, and a Christian seeking answers could certainly benefit from researching the life of Dowie. Dowie was a passionate and on fire man for God, and he was a fierce Protestant who regularly preached the Vatican and its clergy were devils. Uniting with Rome like many (most?) is claiming to be a follower of Jesus whilst sleeping with the devil. Despite many Christians naming their church as Protestant, most of these Protestant churches are uniting with the Vatican, with one senior Protestant minister recently stating that, the Protestant church should re-unite with Rome. Genuine Protestants who preach against Rome and separation from its apostasy are rare indeed. James Arendt is certainly a rare Christian in this sense, and I believe his example is unique and people could benefit from visiting his websites (particularly the jamesjpn.net website which addresses the Vatican and Jesuit issue).

Former alleged Illuminati member John Todd also addressed the Vatican issue as heard on his tapes. I heard John Todd preaching about the ecumenical movement, and how the Illuminati was using the charismatic/ecumenical movement to unite all churches into a one world church. John Todd also started suggesting that this church movement could come united under a Vatican official, who was set to become a Pope. According to Todd, many high ranking officials in the Vatican which include; Cardinals, are high ranking members in the Illuminati.
According to Jesuit and Satanic cult expert, Rev Kevin Annett, and eyewitness, Peter Alexander Chernoff (who reported what he saw to the police), the New World Order is ruled by the Jesuits and a Satanic cult known as: the Ninth Circle Cult. The Ninth Circle Satanic cult was founded by the Jesuits, some years before the Jesuits founded the Illuminati (the founder of the Illuminati was a Jesuit named, Adam Weishaupt). So it seems the Illuminati is below the Ninth Circle cult and Jesuit Order in the NWO pecking order. The Illuminati is simply a tool of the Jesuits and Vatican, and they use it to infiltrate: politics, religious groups and churches. According to Todd, whilst in the Illuminati, he was used to pay off a number of church ministers, so they would do the bidding of the Illuminati’s wishes. With very few (if any) churches preaching on the mark of the beast and microchip, it seems Todd’s comments could hold some water. Many of John Todd’s teachings and testimonies at churches could be found on James Arendt’s website for quite sometime.  Although Todd did have some interesting revelations, I think it was the tip of the iceberg when considering the Jesuit Order and the Vaticans power. Todd’s role in the Illuminati was mainly to pay off churches so they would preach a watered down message (that would fit into the Pope’s world religion which united all religions and Christian denominations). The Illuminati’s main role is to promote: witchcraft, the occult, the new age movement and to ensure religious groups maintain a doctrine, that will fit into the coming one world religion under the Pope. The coming one world religion will be based on Theosophy and liberal catholicism (many of the Theosophical societies leaders are liberal catholics). For those not aware, the Theosophical Society is the evangelical arm of Satanism, Freemasonry, Luciferianism and the Illuminati. If one visits the Theosophical Society (anyone can visit their libraries), you will mainly find books on: the Jesuits, Freemasonry, New Age doctrines, occult doctrines, and liberal religious ideas which create a new type of Jesus who fits into the new age doctrines. These devils are extremely cunning and if you visit their libraries, by evaluating their books, you can observe exactly how they are going to create a one world religion. The theosophical society is ofcourse a Jesuit controlled group, with some its former leaders being leading figures in the liberal Catholic church. I believe the current Jesuit Pope who has been noted for progressive Catholic theology, may build a progressive doctrinal bridge to unite the Vatican with liberal Catholicism and the Theosophical society. It should also be noted that the Theosophical Society has strong ties to the United Nations, and the Theosophical Society has a publishing company called, ‘Lucifer Trust’ (later changed to Lucis trust to avoid controversy), which prints and publishes official United Nations documents and books. The Theosophical Society also has a new age prayer room at the UN headquarters. Once the Vatican unites itself with the Theosophical Society, they can easily start a one world religion with a New UNmedRoomAge belief system that includes everyone. The watered down churches and other controlled religious groups, will simply fit into the fold. Some of the most popular churches in my country, are now starting to preach that Muslims and Christians worship the same God, so you can see how the Jesuits and their servants in the Illuminati and other cults, are preparing to reap their harvest of decieved souls. The Pope who regularly holds interfaith meetings with world religious leaders, is a prime candidate for being the leader of a one world religion. By James Arendt addressing the: Vatican, Jesuit and Papacy issue, he is certainly doing many Christians a favour, by educating them on these key issues. I certainly wish him the best in his efforts.

Right: a picture of the meditation/prayer room at the UN headquarters. The custodian of this room is Lucis Trust, which was founded by theosophical society leader, Alice Bailey.

The other website which James Arendt operates is, ‘deeptruths.com‘. Deeptruths is a website that seems to be dedicated to the teachings of, David Brandt Berg (aka: Moses Davd), who was the leader and founder of the Children of God/the Family International. Deeptruth’s contains many of the Mo letters, which are the foundational doctrines and instructions written by Berg, which form the belief system and theological positions of the Family International (formerly known as COG). From observations, James Arendt, continues to be an adherent to Berg’s teachings, and is an active member of the Family International. Arendt’s current ministry seems to consist of hitchhiking jameshitchhikingadventures, and evangelizing to people he meets on these adventures. I would say Arendt’s preaching, would consist of a salvation through faith in Jesus alone doctrine, as he does not subscribe to the Vatican’s salvation through works and rituals doctrines. Evaluation of Arendt’s articles clearly display a gentleman who is protestant in his beliefs (the traditional protestant doctrine is salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone), and according to the Family International’s official statements, they believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone also (it’s logical to assume Arendt agrees with this salvation doctrine, if he is a member of the Family International).

According to reports, Arendt has also had his jamesjpn.net website hacked into, which is a current trend for those who own anti-Jesuit websites. However his website is currently back in good form after he repaired the hacking damage. It should also be noted that anti-Jesuit campaigners such as: Eric Jon Phelps and Kevin Annett have both had their websites shut down. Craig Oxley who operates an anti-Jesuit website called, the unhivedmind, has posted on his site, that people should download his content as the NSA is going to have him shutdown. On a personal note, when I started writing on my website about the Jesuits, I had private intelligence firms who work for the NSA visiting my site. I also had my website shut down for no reason, but it is back up and running now. Only in recent times have people started to recognize the evil and power of the Jesuit Order. With James Japan taking up an offensive position against the Jesuits, it’s good to see that someone else is making an effort to expose them.

Arendt would best be described as a Christian evangelist in Japan, as well as being a conspiracy researcher and writer. Arendt has also touched on the UFO issue briefly, as I recall seeing some UFO videos on his website in the past. Arendt has certainly been a hard working individual over the years, as he has managed multiple websites, whilst engaging in evangelism in Asia.

Those wishing to read more about James Arendt and his articles can visit the below websites:



Arendt’s first website is http://kt70.com/~jamesjpn and where he posted John Todd’s testimonial about the Illuminati and witchcraft. The site is hosted free of charge courtesy of Kengo Tahara (the KT of kt70.com) from Osaka who picked Arendt up when he was hitchhiking to Tokyo. It was Mr. Tahara who first gave Arendt the opportunity and inspiration to become a webmaster.


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