Moses David and the Children of God/The Family International

The Christian group known as The Family International which was once known as The Children of God, is an interesting and intriguing organization. The group is definitely no stranger to controversy, and has been given a lot of bad publicity by a biased and unfair media in recent times. The Family International is one of the many minority Christian groups, that has been the target of media attacks in recent times.

The Family International (formerly known as the Children of God) started in the 1960’s, by a former ordained David_Berg-Pic Christian church Minister, who had become disillusioned with mainstream Christian churches in the United States. This Minister’s name was David Brandt Berg, who later used the name Moses David for: theological and spiritual reasons.

At one stage during his ordained Minister career, Moses David was Pastoring a small congregation, and was upset by the lack of support he was getting from his church denomination, and this caused him to leave the traditional Christian church for a new movement.

Right: a picture of David Brandt Berg (Moses David)

Moses David and his family started ministering to the youth of Huntington Beach/United States in a non-traditional manner. The youth of the 1960’s were mainly hippy drug users who listened to 1960’s rock drug music, and were often rejected and mocked by mainstream society. These were the sorts of individuals who Moses David and his immediate family ministered to. The spawning of the Children of God (now known as the Family International) began with Moses David and his immediate family (children, wife and mother), and a group of young poor hippies, influenced by drugs and rock music. Moses David’s main form of pastoring this new hippy flock, consisted of large letters known as MO letters (often accompanied by cartoons and drawings) which instructed his followers on Biblical doctrines and current events (which often related to Bible prophecy and theology). The MO letters also consisted of prophecies which Moses David claimed he got directly from God. As the Children of God movement grew, members started living with one another in homes known as communes, as Moses David and the movement wished to imitate the disciples from the book of Acts, “And all that believed were together, and had all things common..” (Acts 2:44). Instead of people living in their own homes and attending an organized congregation on Sunday, these believers lived with one another and shared their possessions. Bible studies, worship and evangelism were regular aspects of commune life.

Although drug influenced/woodstock type hippies were the main joiners of the Children of God, the group and their influence began to spread around the world, and more started to join these Christian communes that spread around the world. It was at this time that the group started to develop new and controversial Biblical doctrines.

According to my own research, when the Children of God started to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ in Libya, they Gods-law-lovemet the former President of the country, Muammar Gaddafi, who had a sexual encounter with a member of the Children of God (the person may have been Moses David’s daughter who was of an adult age). After this incident Moses David stated that God had told him it was ok for this member of the group to have sex with Gaddafi, as God considered this a form of evangelism. This incident started the doctrine known as flirty fishing, and the groups methods of having sex with people, to persuade them to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. At this point I am only aware of heterosexual practices related to these activities. According to the MO letters (now widely distributed through the internet by non-members and members), Moses David taught you could have sex with others as long as it was in love. A variety of free sex doctrines started to become a key part of the groups doctrines after the Gaddafi encounter. You could definitely say the Gaddafi encounter was a major turning point for the group.

Right: an illustration by the Children of God related to Moses David’s doctrine of love.

As I have stated I have never been a member of the Children of God/The Family International, but what I am trying to do is write an objective and unbiased piece on the group. I am a non-denominational born again Christian who has studied the Bible extensively, and I have been a researcher for at least ten years. I have also participated in a number of theological Bible study courses with a variety of Christian groups, and I will now discuss the groups sexual doctrines in relation to my own beliefs..

These are some of the belief’s I have come to understand regarding sex, but regarding The Family International’s variety of sexual belief’s and doctrines, I would need to research them further and pray about them. I do not claim to have all the answers, but with the world going to hell, and women willing to have sex in order to persuade people to accept Jesus to avoid hell, I would say that is laying your life down for Christ and going the extra mile!

After the Children of God had their turning point in Libya, the group began to spread the globe, and they increased in numbers. The groups primary objective was fellowship and evangelism on city streets. The Children of God handed out literature related to salvation through Jesus Christ on city streets, and continued to use sex as an evangelism tool, to persuade people to accept Jesus as Savior. The group definitely became something far different from the traditional church, and as the group took on these new doctrines, it was at this time that they began being fiercely persecuted. I have observed much of the media portrayals of the Children of God/Family International in the media, and most of the media attention is extremely bad with the exception of a few minor articles. The media portrays the Family International, as one of the most evil and sinister groups around, and that it is to be avoided at all costs. I personally think this media attention is unfair and not objective, but I will attempt to address a few of these issues below.

I used to live on the same street as a Christian group called, “The Exclusive Brethren”, and it seemed that almost every week, this organization was being publicized in the media as being some evil cult that was doing all kinds of terrible things. When members of this group would move into a neighbourhood, many people in the neighbourhood would protest against them publicly and demand the government not allow them into the neighbourhood. It was insane. One thing the Exclusive Brethren did have in common with The Family International, was that they believed that the Antichrist would be using computers and the microchip for a coming mark of the beast in the future. Many Christians believe the Antichrist will demand people take an implantable microchip in their right hand or forehead in the future, and that this is a fulfillment of the mark of beast prophecy in Revelation 13 in the Bible. Revelation 13 states that the Antichrist will force citizens to take this mark to participate in commerce. The Exclusive Brethren also banned members from watching TV or listening to the radio, members were also not allowed to use computers unless it was for work purposes. These people wanted to prevent their children and themselves, from coming under the mind control of the mainstream Antichrist media. I believe it was because of this, that the Exclusive Brethren has been persecuted so heavily, as the devil who rules the international intelligence community, cannot reach these kids minds through the media.

I don’t agree with everything the Exclusive Brethren preach and I was never a member of the group, but I can say they were probably the best neighbors I ever had. They were quiet and decent people and were respectful to others in the street, and in today’s society, neighbors like these are hard to come by. I also believe the Exclusive Brethren are genuine Christian believers. The moral of this story is that do not believe everything the media tells you, and that the media is gearing up for a persecution against Christians who don’t follow the Antichrist. Minority Christian groups like The Family International and the Exclusive Brethren are in the media’s crosshairs.

I am a fairly deep researcher and have had an opportunity to research The Family International, after the group came to my attention. I have never been a member of the Family International, but have met members of the group both online and in person. I have also had the opportunity to evaluate most of the organizations literature and doctrines, which are widely available online. Even literature which was only available to full time disciples of the movement, are now fully available to the public, as most of these doctrines and MO letters have found there way onto the internet.

I think one of the most startling things about The Family International, is that they predicted elements of the mark MarkOfBeastPic2of the beast (Revelation 13 from the Bible) prophecy in the 1960’s/70’s, when most Christians never discussed any of this. Moses David wrote about the microchip mark of the beast issue very early on, and these writings were accompanied by intriguing pictures, which portrayed the mark of the beast as some technological implant or imprint, that would be installed on someones head with a sophisticated mechanical device. As we have just started the year 2015, we see these 1960’s revelations manifesting into a reality. The mark of the beast will most likely be a modernization of the VISA paywave microchips, and this does give some credibility to the Family International.

Right: a Family International illustration related to Moses David’s teachings about the mark of the beast.

One of the controversial issues relating to the Family International I will address, is in relation to Ricky Rodriguez, who is the son of the groups current leader (Maria) and stepson of Moses David. Ricky Rodriguez killed himself and a member of the Family International, and claimed he had bad experiences with the group. Even though Ricky claimed bad experiences with the group, most of the photographs of him while he was in the group seemed very positive, as he was photographed smiling and enjoying himself. If his experiences were bad, I RickyRodriguez1would think most of the photo’s taken of him while he was in the group would show a face of misery, however this is not the case. My personal opinion is that something happened to Ricky Rodriguez after he left the group, which caused him to enter a state of mental illness and demonism, which caused him to murder a member of the group and himself.

Right: a photograph of Ricky Rodriguez (happier times).

Recently I came across an individual who had been involved with the Jesuit Order (a highly powerful Roman Catholic group which controls the intelligence agencies of the world), and this individual had strong urges to go on killing sprees and hurt people. It had come to my attention that this person had been secretly drugged by the Jesuits, with a highly sophisticated substance, which made them very aggressive and probably open to suggestion. I also personally know a Jesuit who was involved in infiltrating a Christian group (which I won’t name), that was very similar to the Family International. According to my research, the Family International is one of the few religious/spiritual groups not under Jesuit control, so it seems logical that the Jesuits could have brainwashed and drugged Ricky, to commit acts that would defame and destroy the group. I am not saying this is exactly what happened, but it seems reasonable to me that Ricky was influenced and brainwashed by a malevolent group who turned him against the Family International. I believe this malevolent group was under the control of a powerful spirit being called Satan or Lucifer, and I also believe the group was linked to the Jesuits or the actual Jesuits themselves.

The Jesuits do not want competition with other religious groups (particularly Christian groups), and they already control most Christian groups and churches through Scottish Rite Freemasonry (The Jesuits wrote the degrees for Scottish Rite Freemasonry).

Former Jesuit, Alberto Rivera, has also been quoted as saying, “The Jesuits are more powerful than you could imagine.” I have also known a number of Jesuits, and what I can say, is that you will never fully understand evil until you meet a Jesuit in his true form. The Jesuit is the physical manifestation of Satan on earth. The Jesuit soldiers of the Roman Catholic church are raised to believe that Jesus is a killer, and that they must kill heretics in the name of their warped false Jesus, and they are eventually introduced to Satanism at the high levels. The Jesuit is a warped creature with a warped interpretation of Jesus and Satan. They are raised to believe that anyone who believes in salvation through faith in Jesus, should be killed and tortured, and that anyone who doesn’t consider the Pope as the Vicar (substitute) of Christ should be fought and killed. The Jesuit adheres to the traditional form of Roman Catholicism, which teaches salvation can only come through doing works and rituals, associated with the Roman Catholic church. Any church which teaches differently from the Vatican, is considered marked for destruction and takeover by the Jesuits. The Jesuits have now taken over most of the popular churches in my country through Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Basically they control the Scottish Rite lodges, and fund big churches and only allow Scottish Rite members submitted to the Jesuits to Pastor these big churches. Many of these churches are now involved in supporting and singing to the Pope when he visits my country (preparing them for Pope worship), and the Jesuits are also using these churches to join the global ecumenical movement (uniting all protestant churches with the Vatican for the final one world religion). These big controlled denominational churches are not bothered by the Jesuits, but groups like the Family International and probably the Exclusive Brethren are marked for termination or Jesuit takeover.

I know some people may be reading this and saying I’m some conspiracy nut, but I can tell you I recently helped a minister of a small church, who was going to be murdered or seriously injured by a Jesuit. This stuff goes on more than you know, and if you study history, the Jesuit’s have been involved in: assassinations, mind control, infiltration and political intrigue for centuries. In fact they were once banned from over 80 countries for all the trouble they caused.

I recently came across an individual who gave me further information about Ricky Rodriguez, he told me that Ricky Rodriguez was introduced to some weird people who gave him a platform to speak on. It is my personal opinion that Ricky Rodriguez came under some form of mind control at this point, and may have even been drugged without his knowledge. I do believe the Jesuit’s played some role in Ricky’s suicide and crimes, because the Jesuit is the ultimate apprentice and servant of Satan. If the Family International are genuine followers of God who are targeted by Satan, then Satan’s first line of attack against genuine Christians is the Jesuit. Satan has used the Jesuit since the publication of the King James Bible, as the Jesuit’s were the ones sent out to stop the Bible being published. Those wishing to understand their enemy Satan, cannot understand him without understanding the Jesuit. The Jesuit’s are relatively unknown by most Christians, however a member of the Family International named, James Japan, has recently launched a new website which addresses the Jesuit issue. Click here to visit James Japan’s Jesuit website. I think it’s a groundbreaking incident for an influential member of the Family International to be addressing the Jesuits. It seems the Family International may begin making more progress in their spiritual growth, because of their recent understanding related to the Jesuit Order. On a personal note, I would like to see The Family International take a more protestant stance in their doctrine (Protestantism is virtually non-existent now, as most churches who call themselves Protestant are united with Rome).

Moses David also wrote about secret societies such as the Illuminati (which was created by the Jesuit’s) before any of this news broke in the alternative media, and this definitely illustrates that Moses David was on the cutting edge. Moses David did pen at least one MO letter, which addressed the Illuminati and secret societies infiltrating the churches, and I can sincerely say that this information is accurate. Most mainstream churches are now being taken over by secret societies submitted to the Jesuit Order (who control the Vatican as well). I am also encouraged by Family International members now addressing the Jesuit issue.

The Family International has also published a number of prophecies and MO letters, that relate to their roles in the Biblical end times. They believe the two prophetic witnesses from Revelation 11 in the Bible may come from their own group, and they also believe they will have the role of elite end time Christian missionary soldiers in the last days.

Moses David passed away in the 1990’s and the present leaders of the Family International are: Karen Zerby (also karenzerbystevekellyuses the name Maria) and Steven Kelly (also uses the name Peter Amsterdam). Michael Basham (member of the Family International) recently published a video on his blog, which showed a video of Peter Amsterdam explaining that the Family International had gone through a reboot, and that members would now live in their own homes and not in communes. I have never been a member of the Family International, so I don’t really know how this new structure is framed, but from what I understand, most of the Family leadership and direction comes through the internet, and members now fellowship at different homes, and work in volunteer charity groups helping the needy. From what I understand the Family International is involved in helping the homeless and disadvantaged, which I think is a great thing to do. I certainly commend the group on these efforts. The group is also involved in ongoing evangelism on the streets from what I understand also (I think evangelism on the streets is a vital part of Christian service).

Above right: a picture of Karen Zerby (Maria) and Steven Kelly (Peter Amsterdam)

Despite the intense persecution and tragedies that have occurred in the Family International, the leaders of the group and the group itself, continue to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and serve the community through charity outreaches.

One person who reminds me of Moses David to some degree is Branton (Bruce Alan deWalton), as Branton has been quoted as saying he has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ which is Christianity, as opposed to a relationship with a Church which is known as Churchianity. Moses David himself has been quoted as comparing Christianity with Churchianity, so I find this comparison between Branton and Moses David intriguing. Branton is the author of numerous online books which include: the Dulce Base, the Omega File and many others. Branton is a Christian believer and conspiracy researcher, who lives right on the fringe of conspiracy research and alternative information.

So who is Branton? Branton would have to be one of the most intriguing characters on the internet today, his conspiracy writings and alternative information took the internet by storm. He was essentially an evangelist of Jesus Christ to every conspiracy researcher on the internet. He probably could have made millions from his books, but he published them all online for free. I have immense respect for Branton and definitely think he is a prophetic voice. Branton explains in his writings how mainstream Christian churches, are being taken over by the Jesuit Order and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. He identifies the Jesuits and Scottish Rite Freemasons as being a virus who control most of organized Churchianity. Branton also explains how the York Rite Freemasons society, has historically been opposed to the Jesuit Scottish Rite Freemasons, and that York Rite Freemasonry has been a more Christian group and force for good.

I think the Family International could learn some things from Branton, as I think the Family International’s future could take on an approach similar to York Rite Freemasonry. The Family International has even been described by some members as a secret order, and as most of religion currently consists of various secret societies competing for control, the Family International could challenge the Jesuit Order and Scottish Rite Freemasons in leading the followers of Jesus into truth. The Jesuit Order and Scottish Rite is presently taking control of Churches and other religious groups, to lead them into Antichrist worship, and also leading them into taking the mark of the beast. These are the principal reasons for the Jesuit and Scottish Rite takeover of the churches, if the Family International (somewhat being a secret order) could challenge them by leading Christians away from the Antichrist and mark of the beast, this could certainly be a productive role for them. If the Family International’s assertions of being the end time missionary army who challenge the Antichrist, and being led by the two witnesses of Revelation 11 are true, then challenging the Jesuit Order and Scottish Rite would seem a logical path for them. However I think this challenge would be more related to leading people to truth, than to outright pushing against these groups. But I think firm protestantism and an anti-Jesuit stance (something that current Family International member, James Japan is doing) is a good course for the Family to follow.

The Family International has been pushed underground to some degree, and adopting the role of a York Rite Masonic Lodge type group (remember that the York Rite Masonic lodge was traditionally a more Christian group, that challenged the Satanic Scottish Rite Masonic group and Jesuits) that is somewhat underground, could be a reasonable course of action for them. It should also be noted that York Rite Freemasonry has been a traditionally positive group that did a lot of good charity work, and also shared Christian beliefs and values with others.

Whatever direction the Family International goes in, I certainly wish them well and wish them all the best in their charity work and gospel evangelism.  I was recently invited by a member of the Family International to write on this blog, so I thought I would write an objective and fair article on the the group, based on my own research and observations.


5 thoughts on “Moses David and the Children of God/The Family International

    • The caliber of writing here with regards to the Family is something that only comes along once in a generation, and from your perspective things are put pretty clear. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and how the overall history of COG/TFI plus their destiny VS. the A.C./Jesuit conspiracy relates. Indeed we’re entering into a battle royal between the Devil and Jesus and both are using their key personnel on the Earth. It is my hope that those who originally received this call will step into their end time positions as leaders and miracle workers as the dark days descend upon us all. It must be a work of the Holy Spirit or else all is lost. The reason I left my own family and old church system behind was I saw something more powerful among the fellowship of COG/TFI people and sensed the Lord’s guidance among these people in a very intimate way. These are a group of people who have survived for 5 decades now with little or no outside funding or support save “on-sight procurement” or just the “Kings” that the Lord would raise up to provide their daily needs. As my grandfather Don Basham used to say, the life of faith is on the edge of disaster and in the middle of a miracle. Those are the kinds of people I believe will indeed end up leading what’s left of the world during the Great Tribulation.


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