Bohemian Grove is run by the Jesuit Order and Vatican

Reptilian Dimension


The above picture is a 1650’s illustration of the high Jesuit’s engaged in Satanic worship and pictures a baby preparing to be sacrificed in the background. Also notice in the top left hand corner an owl, the owl is a symbol for the demon god; Molech (the god of child sacrifices). Molech is a key figure of worship at the Bohemian Grove secret society in San Francisco (USA).

Another thing most people do not know is that the Bohemian Grove has its own Roman Catholic Patron Saint named St John Nepomuk. Saint John Nepomuk is a Roman Catholic Saint who was promoted by the Jesuits throughout history.  “According to some Protestant sources, the figure of St. John Nepomuk is a legend due to the Jesuits.” (Wikipedia)

There is actually a statue of Saint Nepomuk in the actual Bohemian Grove grounds in San Francisco. Please observe the below photograph within the…

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