Request Free Prophecy. . . Abandoned Mantles Taken Up!

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I listened to a few broadcasts of this lovely young prophetess named Lenora, full of conviction just going on internet radio, using blogtalkradio (the equivalent of youtube for audio and live radio podcasting)  to put herself out there and answer people’s requests for prophecy LIVE on the air!  Talk about being brave and using the gifts the Lord has given you!

That really challenges me, and if you are a Christian who believes in and/or has this gift, it should challenge you too.  Why not put yourself out there and offer to answer people’s need for personal prophecy?  Maybe its a gift you take for granted, and I have for sure, to a selfish extent.

Listen to internet radio with RequestFreeProphecyXcom on Blog Talk Radio

The strategy of this show is simple: just put out an offer to people to get words from the Lord. . . free!  Of course…

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