Jewels on Prayer

When you stop and set aside your work and bring each petition before Me, I work in the spirit and bring about the desired results. As you pray, believe and know that My hand reaches out and touches those for whom you pray. Advertisements

If we don’t have His righteousness, we have nothing!

Those who are so proud of their own success and their own righteousness, who “thank God that they are not as other men” (Lk.18:11), they tend to look down on others, and have no mercy, no compassion, no sympathy! But in God’s sight, such self-righteous pride is the worst sin of all! (Isa.64:6)

A Giant World Before the Flood & Some Giantism After

It says, “there were giants in the land”, but the poor people who only watch BBC or visit the Smithsonian museum or read the Huffington Post, will never know, because them media & Smithsonians are well-known to have covered it all up, and BBC still does! But giantism is a well known historical fact, and…

When Faith Falters

Suffering is an issue that confronts us almost daily. Multitudes, both unsaved and believers, are facing horrific injustices, trauma, terminal illnesses, etc., in this world, and it seems like there is little that can be done to stem the flood of agony and loss. Our faith can sometimes falter when our heart is breaking for…